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How Tall Am I Compared to Celebrities?

Many of us have not had the pleasure of seeing celebrities in person. We may wonder about some of the actors who played a role in our childhoods—like the late Bob Saget of Full House—who was 6’3”. And, while we know that NBA players are tall—on average 6 feet 6 inches—there are other celebrities whose […] Read More…

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What are Animals That Weigh 400 Pounds?

There are many different ways that we can categorize animals, with one category being weight. Have you ever wondered which animals tip the scale at 400 pounds? Let’s explore this category of sizable creatures and how they compare to the average human weight. Which Animal Weighs 400 Pounds? There are many animals that could tip […] Read More…

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What is the Average Chair Size?

Choosing the right chair for any room may be a challenge. Many people have never given thought to the standard chair height for various rooms and purposes. A chair’s height will impact how comfortable it is for both family and guests. In most cases, anybody sitting in a chair should be able to place their […] Read More…

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How Tall Were the Vikings?

Vikings⁠—also known as Norsemen⁠—were sailors who lived hundreds of years ago, but their legacy lives on to this day. One of their lasting impacts was the image we have when we think about these men and women. Something that comes to mind is their height and general appearance. For many people, what comes to mind […] Read More…

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What is the Average NBA Player Height?

Imagine you’re watching an NBA game on TV. You know that the professional basketball players are tall given their profession, but with a whole team standing next to each other, it can be difficult to tell just how tall each person is. Look at the same players in a photo with, say, their family or […] Read More…

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Tips on Buying Clothes for Growing Children

As a parent, it can seem like one minute you have a little baby bundle of joy on your hands and then the next a full-grown teen. As children grow, it may feel like a full-time affair trying to make sure your child has clothes that fit them. It can also feel like a major […] Read More…

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