Improving NGO marketing through calculators

A lot of non-profits face two fundamental marketing problems : illustrating the scale of the problem they are working on and helping people understand the impact of a given action on a personal level. This is were a well thought-out calculator can fit in nicely in your overall non-profit marketing strategy. Let's see some example on how it can work for you.

If we take the issue of breast cancer and want to show the scale of the problem, we can have a calculator that uses the statistical distribution of the disease across the population. You enter the number of women you know and you get back an estimate for how many of them are statistically likely to be affected by the disease - directly or by proxy.

Second example: if you are an NGO that promotes healthy living a major challenge is that most of the impact of living in a helthy way only becomes visible late in one's life. Having a calculator that projects the Healthy life expectancy and the savings from medical expenses that you can realize across the decades is a great way to make an abstract and distant matter more tangible and immediate.

Third example: let's say you are a NGO that focuses on limiting government actions and invasiveness. One way to show the impact of taxation, for example, is to have a calculator that determines what percent of your income you pay in direct and indirect taxes. Such calculators were already built in a number of countries and had a great effect in informing the public about the real cost of the state.

How does it work?

Contact us with your issue and an idea for how your story can be told in numbers. We'll help you through the process of fleshing out a calculator based on your brief. We will develop the calculator and you will then be able to share it on social media or embed it on your own site as a widget, with minimum development work required on your side.

The best part - it is completely free for you. If we like your cause, we'll become part of it, simple as that. Reach out to us to get started!