What is GIGAcalculator.com?

We are an online service that allows you to solve various tasks that lend themselves to mathematical modelling. We provide online calculators to help you in many practical situations, educational and research tasks, as well as converters that makes it easier to navigate the world of measurements. Our aim is to become the biggest collection of such tools online, currently consisting of over 200 calculators, 121 converters, and 12 randomizers.

All calculators that you see are developed in-house. Some converters, for example currency converters, may use external databases and so their accuracy is, of course, somewhat outside of our control. The random number generator used in our various randomizers has been tested for statistical unbiasedness.

Who are we?

We are a small team with expertise in web development, mathematics, statistics, based in the European Union. The site is owned and operated by Web Focus LLC, a company based in Sofia, Bulgaria.

The lead person behind the project is Georgi Georgiev who has experience in providing specialized tools for the online analytics and A/B testing community. He is the author of a book on statistical methods and numerous articles on statistics and design of experiments. He is also a lecturer at a number of events, delivering on topics such as statistics, online controlled experiments, web analytics, and management of online advertising campaigns.

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