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Easily produce a work hours timesheet for any given week with this free timesheet calculator with lunch breaks and use the resulting time card for payroll purposes. Times are calculated in hours and minutes (e.g 42:30), as well as in decimal notation (42.5 hours). The time card calculator supports lunch breaks. Generate a weekly payroll card, bi-weekly card or a card for any period you'd like, up to 31 days.

Time Card from 2023-03-20 to 2023-03-26

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    How to fill in your time card?

Filling your online time card is very easy with this calculator, given you have a timesheet with your in/out hours and know how much time your breaks lasted. Start by selecting the time period - one week by default, but you can select any period you like, up to 31 days: 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 10 days, etc. Changing the date range automatically changes the number of rows and puts the correct day of the week on each row. To prevent loss of entered information, make sure to choose the period first and only then proceed to generate the rest of the payroll card.

Then just use the rows of fields to enter the start and end times and the total amount of breaks (usually 1 lunch break, but sometimes 2). If you get paid extra for overtime, select the corresponding overtime scheme and enter the pay rate ratio in the time sheet calculator. 1.5 overtime pay means that you get 50% higher hourly rate for overtime hours, compared to regular hours.

Finally, enter your base hourly rate in the timesheet calculator, if you want your time card to contain not just work hours data, but also payment due.

    Saving and printing your timecard

It's very easy to print the time card generated by our tool. Simply press the big "Print time card" button, or print the whole page as you would any other web page (say, with Ctrl+P), then follow the instructions your OS provides. The calculator's print version is nicely stylized and unnecessary elements are removed for your convenience.

If you want to save the generated work hours time card, follow the same procedure as printing, but choose to save it as a PDF file instead - most modern operating systems and browsers support this neat option. You can then print the PDF anytime you want.

    What is a time card?

A time card allows you to have in order all the days and hours you have worked during a period of time. It essentially contains all the times when you started, paused, or stopped working. An online time card makes it easy for you to know how many hours you have worked in total and how much you should get paid based on the hourly rate you provide, if you choose to do so. It gives you the possibility to include overtime, breaks, to work with different time periods. With its simple and clean design the payroll hours calculator above makes it quick & easy to get the job done properly.

Another way to look at a work timesheet is as the sum of the number of hours worked during each day of a given period. In this sense it involves answering a series of questions such as "how many hours is 9 to 5" or "8 to 5 is how many hours" for each of a set of days and then summing up the answers to arrive at total hours worked.

    Is the timesheet calculator free?

Yes, we are proud to be able to offer a completely free time card calculator. There are no hidden charges or fees and no registration is required in order to make use of its full functionality. This online work time calculation tool will remain free for the foreseable future.