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How Much Do I Have to Earn Per Hour to Afford the Cost of Living?

Even if you live frugally, there are some expenses that just can’t be avoided as an adult. There’s the food you need to eat. The mortgage or rent for the roof you live under. The car payments, public transportation tickets, or bike costs that you need to get to where you need to go. As… Read More »

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Cashier handing over two brown paper shopping bags with items with VAT

How to Calculate for VAT When Traveling Abroad

Have you ever traveled to a new country, and the moment you arrive in your destination airport, you see signs saying “VAT refund” everywhere? When you travel to a foreign country, it is essential to know that most goods and services are subject to VAT, which can range from 5% to 27%, depending on the… Read More »

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Cooking recipe ingredients

Mathematics in the Kitchen

Mathematics is not only useful for solving problems and equations, but also for everyday activities such as cooking and baking. In this article, we will explore some of the ways that mathematics can help us in the kitchen, especially with the various unit conversions, measurements, and calculations one encounters daily whether cooking at home or… Read More »

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What Is the Return on a CD?

Anyone who is looking through the sea of investment opportunities is bound to come across the mention of a certificate of deposit — or CD — at one point or another. But, what exactly is a CD? How does it work, and how much return on investment can you expect from one, especially depending on… Read More »

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What Percentage Problems to Know at Each Grade Level?

Understanding percentages is a fundamental aspect of mathematical education that is used in a wide variety of real-world applications. This is why it’s so important to have a good grasp of percentages from an early age, as each level of education builds on the previous to form a solid foundation to build upon. From kindergarten… Read More »

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Chalkboard with a pie chart marking percentages

Percent Vs. Percentage Vs. Percentile

Percent, percentage, and percentile—trying to say that three times fast! Rooted in math and statistics, these words all sound quite alike, but they refer to different things. Even if you were someone who always dragged their feet with their math homework growing up, these are some terms that you want to be familiar with and… Read More »

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Understanding Men’s to Women’s Size Conversions: And Vice Versa

Have you ever gone shopping, only to find out that the size you have in one store is different in another? Or, you end up shopping in another section (i.e., the men's section if you're a woman and vice versa), just to find that converting sizes to find your own isn't as easy as you… Read More »

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How Does Compound Interest Work with Investments?

The world of investing is a wide one. For some, this is an exciting prospect. But, for others, it can be overwhelming. Regardless of whether you’re a novice or experienced investor, one finance topic you’ll have to understand and work with is the idea of compound interest. With compound interest, your money can serve you… Read More »

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RMR, BMR, Energy Needs

RMR vs BMR for Weight Loss

RMR and BMR, the former abbreviated from Resting Metabolic Rate and the latter from Basal Metabolic Rate, can often be encountered in discussions related to daily caloric requirements, dieting, caloric restrictions and weight loss. Fitness amateurs and professional athletes and their physicians might also use RMR, BMR, or both for weight management. This article will… Read More »

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TDEE vs BMR in Daily Calorie Needs Calculation

If you set out to lose weight or maintain a target weight as an athlete or fitness or bodybuilding enthusiast, your coach or physician will often tell you that you need to estimate your BMR and TDEE and to set daily calorie intake limits based on the energy requirements calculated from these measures. Hence, it… Read More »

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