Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here you will find answers to some of the more frequently asked questions about our online calculators and converters.

Are all your calculators free?

Yes, we are committed to providing this service for free. You can use all our online calculators and converters to your heart's desire, within reasonable limit.

How can I embed a calculator / converter on my site or blog?

Most of our tools are available to be embedded in other sites. Just look for a "Get this calculator for your site!" or "Get this converter for your site!" box near the results of your calculaton. The instructions are very straightforward and require minimum technical expertise. There are some customization options available, but currently our calculators are only available in English.

What are the sources for the formulas used?

The formulas are from textbooks and other authoritative material. Many calculators would have a reference list, pointing to the specific material used. When there is controversy on which is the correct formula, we do our best to explain the choice of formula, and if possible - provide results for each viable formula.

How to cite

It is easy to cite our site. If you are writing an academic paper, thesis, or even just a course-work/report, the way to cite any of our calculators and information on our calculator pages is displayed near the footer on each page. Just scroll down and look for a "Cite this calculator & page" or "Cite this converter & page" box.

How to report issues or errors?

Despite our best effort some calculators might not function as expected or might produce strange results in boundary cases. If you spot what you believe is an error or a visual bug in our tools, please, contact us and make sure you provide a detailed explanation of the issue.