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Use this days counter to easily calculate the number of days between two dates. Online date duration calculator, a.k.a. calendar day counter. It will also output the number of weekdays in between, doubling as a business days counter.

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    How to use this date counter

When one needs to find out how many days they have to finish an assignment or how long a trip is going to be, a date counter can be very useful. Similarly, if one is interested in the number of days since a historical date, it can function as a 'days since counter'. Simply enter the first and the last date of the period of time you are interested in. For example, if a work assignment is due by Dec 20, 2023, simply enter the current date in the first field and Dec 20, 2023 and press the "Count Days" button.

Similarly, if you are interested in the number of days since a given date in the past, just enter it in the first field and select the present date in the second, then calculate by pressing the button. Note that you can choose whether to include the last day in the count or not.

This day counter can be used to find the number of days between any two calendar dates. Wondering how many days are between Thanksgiving and Independence day? How many days between Halloween and Thanksgiving? Our date duration calculator has the answers - simply enter the two dates of interest.

    How to get a day count between dates

When trying to calculate the day count from a date several years past, one needs to take into consideration leap year adjustments. Simply taking the number of days to be 365 or 365.25 will not do as it will result in an inaccurate count, especially over prolonged periods of time. This is where a day counter from date is most useful.

If calculating the number of days between two dates in any single year (e.g. 2023), then things are simpler, even if one does not use a day counter between dates. Just remember to account for the fact that different months have a different number of days in them. If the period includes February, make sure to check if it is a leap year since this is when an extra day is added to that month which usually has just 28 days.

For example, the number of days between Sep 15 and Oct 15, 2023 is exactly 30, since September has 30 days. The date count between Sep 15 and Nov 15, however, would not be 60, but 61 since October has 31 days. All of this is automatically handled in our number of days counter online tool.

    How many business days between two dates

The calculator also outputs the number of weekdays between the start and end date. In most situations this will coincide with the number of workdays / business days which means it can be used as a business days counter. That excludes situations in which there happens to be an official holiday in that time interval. If that is the case, simply subtract the number of holidays from the count to get an accurate count of the business days.

    What calendar is used in the day counter

There are three main kinds of calendars currently being used around the world: solar, lunar and solilunar or lunisolar. This calendar day counter is based on the Gregorian calendar which is a solar calendar named after Pope Gregory XIII who introduced it in 1582. It is used by most countries in Europe and in countries settled or ruled by Europeans during the past centuries such as America. The calendar contains 365 days in a typical year and 366 in a leap year.

This is the calendar used for business purposes across almost the entire world. In some places it coexists with local calendars and in others it is the only one used for official purposes.


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