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Use this free online dog age converter to easily convert between dog years and human years (dog age and human age equivalent). Find out how old your dog is in human years.

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    Using the dog years converter

This versatile converter can be used to convert dog years to human years and vice versa - human years to dog years. For example, you can use it to see how old a 10 year old dog is in human years. Alternatively, it can calculate how old is a two year old in dog years, how much is 12 years in dog years, etc.

To use the tool, simply choose the input metric - dog years or months, or human years or months, and the desired output metric. Then enter the age of either the dog (if entering dog years/months) or the person (if entering human years/months). Obviously, if for some reason you know the human age of the dog but not its calendar age, then you can certainly enter that as input.

    How to convert dog years to human years?

In order to do the conversion our tool uses a recently developed equation based on DNA methylation analyses performed on a set of Labrador retrievers as described by Wang et al.[1]. The equation arrived at by this recent (2020) research is why our tool can provide a much better estimation compared to the usual advice given for this problem which is to simply multiply the number of calendar years by seven in order to get the human equivalent age of the dog. The formula itself is:

Human Age = 16 · ln(Dog Age) + 31

Both ages above are in years, and ln() denotes the natural logarithm function. For example, 8 years in dog years would be calculated as: 16 · ln(8) + 31 = 16 · 2.08 + 31 = 33.28 + 31 = 64.28 years or roughly 64 years in human age equivalent (logarithm of 8 is 2.08).

For your convenience, we have also tabulated some key values in the conversion table below. It can obviously be used both ways.

Dog years to human years conversion table
Dog AgeHuman Age
3 months 8.8 years
6 months 19.9 years
9 months 26.4 years
1 year 31.0 years
2 years 42.1 years
3 years 48.6 years
4 years 53.2 years
5 years 56.8 years
6 years 59.7 years
7 years 62.1 years
8 years 64.3 years
9 years 66.2 years
10 years 67.8 years
11 years 69.4 years
12 years 70.8 years
13 years 72.0 years
14 years 73.2 years
15 years 74.3 years
16 years 75.4 years
17 years 76.3 years

    How to convert human years to dog years?

The conversion from human years to dog years happens by using the same formula as above, but in reverse. Our tool uses iterative approximation with a step of 0.1 years to pinpoint the dog age which corresponds to the human age you enter. It is something you can attempt to do by doing the math by hand, but it is not advisable. The dog age conversion tool above will do this with no effort.

Using a dog age chart can also be used if approximate results are admissible.


1 Wang T. et al. (2020) "Quantitative Translation of Dog-to-Human Aging by Conserved Remodeling of the DNA Methylome", Cell Systems, DOI: 10.1016/j.cels.2020.06.006

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