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  3. How to convert Acres to Square Feet
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    How many Square Feet equal one Acre?

Exactly 43560 square feet equal one Acre, since an acre was originally defined as the area of a rectangle with sides of 66 and 660 feet (66 x 660 = 43560). The modern definition of the acre was established via an international treaty in 1959, according to which the symbol for acre is "ac" and the symbol for square feet is "ft2", often written as "sq ft".

    Difference between Acres and Square Feet

Both square feet and acres are units of area, though square feet are more commonly used to measure smaller areas such as that of a building or room, while acres are mostly used for tracts of land. Both units are part of the Imperial system of units with a long history of usage.

The acre in the Middle Ages equaled the area of land that could be ploughed in a day by a yoke of oxen. Relative to other traditional measures, the acre was defined as one chain by one furlong (66 ft by 660 ft), which equals 10 square chains or ​1⁄640 of a square mile. In 1959 it was defined to be 4,046.8564224 square meters. The acre was used as an official land unit in the United Kingdom and almost all countries of the former British Empire but that is now the case only in the United States.

Historically, the foot varied in length depending on which time period and location it was defined in. It is currently officially used only in the US, UK, and a couple of other countries. After 1959 its definition is fixed to that of the meter.

    How to convert Acres to Square Feet

To convert ac to sq ft, multiply the measurement in acres by 43560 to get the area in square feet. Using a calculator is usually helpful when accuracy is desired, and our free online acres to square feet converter will be of great help. It can also be used offline, given you've loaded the page in your browser and left it open in it.

Acres to Square Feet conversion example

Sample task: convert 10 ac to ft2. Solution:

ac * 43560 = sq ft
10 ac * 43,560 = 435,600 sq ft
End result:
10 ac is equal to 435,600 sq ft

    Acres to Square Feet conversion table

ac to sq ft conversion table
ac sq ft
1 ac 43,560 sq ft
2 ac 87,120 sq ft
3 ac 130,680 sq ft
4 ac 174,240 sq ft
5 ac 217,800 sq ft
6 ac 261,360 sq ft
7 ac 304,920 sq ft
8 ac 348,480 sq ft
9 ac 392,040 sq ft
10 ac 435,600 sq ft
20 ac 871,200 sq ft
30 ac 1,306,800 sq ft
40 ac 1,742,400 sq ft
50 ac 2,178,000 sq ft
60 ac 2,613,600 sq ft
70 ac 3,049,200 sq ft
80 ac 3,484,800 sq ft
90 ac 3,920,400 sq ft
100 ac 4,356,000 sq ft
200 ac 8,712,000 sq ft
300 ac 13,068,000 sq ft
400 ac 17,424,000 sq ft
500 ac 21,780,000 sq ft
600 ac 26,136,000 sq ft
700 ac 30,492,000 sq ft
800 ac 34,848,000 sq ft
900 ac 39,204,000 sq ft
1,000 ac 43,560,000 sq ft


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