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Use this converter to easily convert between Square Feet and Square Meters (sq ft to m2).

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  1. How many Square Feet in a Square Meter?
  2. Difference between Feet and Meters
  3. How to convert Square Feet to Square Meters

    How many Square Feet in a Square Meter?

There are approximately 0.09290304 square feet in a square meter, since a foot is defined as 0.3048 meters, thus a meter is 1/0.3048 feet and a square meter is 1/0.3048 squared. The modern definition of the foot is established in 1959 by an international treaty. According to which the symbol for square meter is "m2", sometimes written as "sq m" and the symbol for square feet is "ft2", often written as "sq ft".

    Difference between Feet and Meters

Both feet and meters are used to measure medium distances and the dimensions of larger objects. Thus, both are units of length, but of somewhat different magnitude. The foot is a part of the Imperial system of units, while the meter is the base unit of the metric system of units.

Historically, the foot varied in length depending on which time period and location you are interested in. It is currently officially used only in the US, UK, and a couple of other countries and its definition is fixed to that of the meter.

The meter is a modern metric, defined as the distance light travels in a vacuum in 1/299,792,458 seconds. It was defined on the basis of a standard meter, which was a piece of metal alloy kept for reference, but was later redefined in this more precise manner. Due to its wide adoption, utility and ease of use, the meter is the preferred unit in engineering, sciences, and for most countries; everyday life.

    How to convert Square Feet to Square Meters

To convert sq ft to sq m, multiply the measurement in square feet by 0.09290304 to get the area in square meters. Using a calculator is usually helpful when accuracy is desired, and our free online square feet to square meters converter is a great asset in every occasion. It will also work offline, as long as the page is cached in your browser.

Sq ft to m2 conversion example

Sample task: convert 60 sq ft to sq m. Solution:

ft2 * 0.3048 = m2
60 ft2 * 0.3048 = 18.2880 m2
End result:
60 ft2 is equal to 18.2880 m2

sq ft to m2 conversion table

sq ft to m2 conversion table
sq ft m2
1 sq ft 0.304800 m2
2 sq ft 0.609600 m2
3 sq ft 0.914400 m2
4 sq ft 1.219200 m2
5 sq ft 1.524000 m2
6 sq ft 1.828800 m2
7 sq ft 2.133600 m2
8 sq ft 2.438400 m2
9 sq ft 2.743200 m2
10 sq ft 3.048000 m2
20 sq ft 6.096000 m2
30 sq ft 9.144000 m2
40 sq ft 12.192000 m2
50 sq ft 15.24 m2
60 sq ft 18.288000 m2
70 sq ft 21.336000 m2
80 sq ft 24.384000 m2
90 sq ft 27.432000 m2
100 sq ft 30.48 m2
200 sq ft 60.96 m2
300 sq ft 91.44 m2
400 sq ft 121.92 m2
500 sq ft 152.40 m2
600 sq ft 182.88 m2
700 sq ft 213.36 m2
800 sq ft 243.84 m2
900 sq ft 274.32 m2
1,000 sq ft 304.80 m2


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2 International Organization for Standardization (1993). ISO Standards Handbook: Quantities and units (3rd edition). Geneva: ISO. ISBN 92-67-10185-4.

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