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Use this online converter to easily convert decimals to fractions.

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    Conversion from decimal numbers to fractions

If you need to convert a decimal number to fraction, the above decimal to fraction calculator is a great way to do it quickly and easily on any device. The hardest thing in this conversion is to simplify the fraction, otherwise the operation is fairly trivial. Using our online decimals to fractions converter, you will be able to perform all calculations with the click of a button.

Conversion between decimals and fractions are often needed when comparison between two numbers of which one is expressed as a decimal, and the other is expressed as a fraction, becomes necessary. Such situations arise in different sciences, engineering tasks, statistical operations, as well as calculations of rates such as in finances and business planning and analysis.

    Decimal to fraction conversion table

decimal to fraction conversion table
Decimal Fraction
0.01 1/100
0.02 1/50
0.03 3/100
0.04 1/25
0.05 1/20
0.06 3/50
0.07 7/100
0.08 2/25
0.09 9/100
0.10 1/10
0.20 1/5
0.25 1/4
0.30 3/10
0.40 2/5
0.50 1/2
0.60 3/5
0.70 7/10
0.75 3/4
0.80 4/5
0.90 9/10
1.00 1/1

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