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    Conversion of percentages to fractions

Before we talk about percent to fraction conversion, such as is performed by our converter, it is useful to explain what percentages are, what fractions are, and why converting between them might be useful.

Percentages are very common in our daily lives. They are used to express rates and ratios, for example the ratio of people who know how to calculate percentages to fractions from the whole population can be expressed as a percent, e.g. 60%. Percentages see significant use in science, statistical data, and technical specifications, while ratios are usually used more in daily conversation, as they might be easier to interpret for most people, although there are differing opinions on the matter [1], while others consider difficulties in learning fractions a sign of mathematics learning disability [2].

Percent was previously written "per cent" and even before that "per centum", and since "centum" is a Latin word meaning "one hundred", it was pretty much self-explanatory that it is in fact just a fraction with a denominator of 100. A fraction is in itself just an expression of something as the equivalent number of parts of something else. The fraction 1/2 (0.5) means that something is half of something else.

It is often useful to be able to convert between percent and fraction, and this can easily be achieved using our online percent to fraction converter above. If this is not an option, or you are looking how to do the calculation yourself instead of using our calculator, then see the explanation and example below. You can also make use of the conversion table provided for commonly encountered values.

    How to convert percent to fraction

Sample task: convert 20 percent to fraction. Solution:

% / 100 = fraction, then simplify
20 / 100 = 0.20 decimal, simplifies to 1/5
End result:
20% is equal to 1/5

If you are to imagine the fraction, resulting from the above calculation as a piece of cake or pizza, it would correspond to 1 piece out of 5, in which the whole is divided.

What makes this calculation somewhat different is the simplification of the initial fraction, which requires finding the greatest common divisor first, then divide both the numerator and the denominator by it. You can also check out our fraction simplification calculator page for a more detailed explanation.

Using our percent to fraction converter obviously means you need not worry about any of the above as all the conversion math is handled for you.

    Percent to fraction conversion table

percent to fraction conversion table
Percent (%) Fraction
1 % 1/100
2 % 1/50
3 % 3/100
4 % 1/25
5 % 1/20
6 % 3/50
7 % 7/100
8 % 2/25
9 % 9/100
10 % 1/10
20 % 1/5
25 % 1/4
30 % 3/10
40 % 2/5
50 % 1/2
60 % 3/5
70 % 7/10
75 % 3/4
80 % 4/5
90 % 9/10
100 % 1/1


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[2] Mazzocco M.M.M., Myers G.F., Lewis K.E., Hanich L.B., Murphy M.M. (2013) "Limited knowledge of fraction representations differentiates middle school students with mathematics learning disability (dyscalculia) vs. low mathematics achievement" Journal of Experimental Child Psychology vol.115:371–387

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