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Use this online converter to easily convert fractions to decimals.

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    Conversion from fractions to decimal numbers

Fractions and decimals are both used to express rates and ratios in many areas of life. When communicating data in sciences, engineering, technology, population statistics, as well as problems we encounter in our lives, we often use fractions or decimal expressions of fractions. When two pieces of data are presented in different ways, a conversion is necessary to compare them directly. Converting from fractions to decimal numbers might also be useful if the person we are communicatсng to is more used to one expression.

Decimals less than one are easily converted to simple fractions, while decimals larger than one can be written as composite numbers as well, e.g. 0.25 is 1/4, while 1.5 is 1 1/2.

    How to convert fraction to decimal

Mathematically, to convert a fraction to a decimal number means to perform the mathematical division of the numerator by the denominator. Using a calculator makes this easy, while its easiest by using our fraction to decimal converter online, which is mobile-friendly, convenient, and fast.

Sample task: convert 1/5 to decimal. Solution:

decimal = 1/5
1 / 5 = 0.20 decimal
End result:
1/5 is equal to 0.20 decimal

    Fraction to decimal conversion table

fraction to decimal conversion table
Fraction Decimal
1/100 0.01
1/50 0.02
3/100 0.03
1/25 0.04
1/20 0.05
3/50 0.06
7/100 0.07
2/25 0.08
9/100 0.09
1/10 0.10
1/5 0.20
1/4 0.25
3/10 0.30
2/5 0.40
1/2 0.50
3/5 0.60
7/10 0.70
3/4 0.75
4/5 0.80
9/10 0.90
1/1 1

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