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    How many Bytes in a MegaByte?

This question is harder to answer than you expect. Depending on who you ask, the answer will be either that there are 1,048,576 Bytes in a megabyte or that there are 1,000,000 Bytes in a megabyte. Why is that? There are two competing definitions for the megabyte, both of which use the same metric name and symbol (MB) to denote very different things. One is the standard binary definition using powers of 2, according to which a MB consists of 220 Bytes. The reason powers of 2 are used is that this is how computer memory (RAM) is addressed and that this results in whole numbers when dealing with, for example 512 MB of RAM.

The definition of the megabyte according to the International System of Units is, however, based on the decimal system used for things like weights and distances (kilogram, kilometer). Its advantage is easier calculation and compliance in how the prefixes kilo, mega, giga etc. are used across measurement niches. Its disadvantage is that it doesn't really work well, as one can never really produce a RAM module that is 512 MB (SI).

In an attempt to resolve the confusion, the IEC proposed a new metric: the MebiByte (symbol: MiB), that is equal to 1024 KibiBytes (KiB) which is equal to 1,048,576 Bytes, but this artificial construct never got much traction outside of very niche circles. Your average computer programmer, not to mention your average user, has never heard of these metrics. Make sure that when you convert bytes to MB you know which definition of the megabyte you are using.

    Difference between Bytes and MB

The difference is in the magnitude of the data storage measured. A byte usually contains one character, such as the letter "a" or the number "9" in older character sets like ASCII, and even less than one character in newer ones like Unicode (e.g. UTF-8 in which this converter is coded). In most practical cases it is used to denote the size of database fields or other such small storage.

A megabyte on the other hand is much more commonly used, since it contains a lot more data. A typical mp3 file is between 3 and 15 megabytes, for example, while even dozens of pages of text in word may not reach a megabyte (depends on styling, spacing, etc.).

    How to convert Bytes to MegaBytes

To convert from Bytes to MB is not straightforward if you are doing it by yourself, but you can check out some examples below. The difficulty comes from the large numbers you need to divide by, which is why we recommend simply using our converter.

Bytes to MB conversion example

Sample task: convert 1024 bytes to megabytes (binary, also MiB). Solution:

B / 1048576 = MB
1024 B / 1,048,576 = 0.000977 MB
End result:
1024 B is equal to 0.000977 MB

Sample task: convert 1024 bytes to megabytes (SI). Solution:

B / 1000000 = MB
1024 B / 1,000,000 = 0.001024 MB
End result:
1024 B is equal to 0.001024 MB

    Bytes to MB conversion table

B to MB (binary, also MiB) conversion table
B MB (binary, also MiB)
4 B 0.000004 MB
8 B 0.000008 MB
16 B 0.000015 MB
32 B 0.000031 MB
64 B 0.000061 MB
128 B 0.000122 MB
256 B 0.000244 MB
512 B 0.000488 MB
1,024 B 0.000977 MB
2,048 B 0.001953 MB
4,096 B 0.003906 MB
8,192 B 0.007813 MB
16,384 B 0.015625 MB
32,768 B 0.031250 MB
65,536 B 0.062500 MB
131,072 B 0.125000 MB
262,144 B 0.25 MB
524,288 B 0.50 MB
1,048,576 B 1 MB
2,097,152 B 2 MB
4,194,304 B 4 MB
8,388,608 B 8 MB
16,777,216 B 16 MB
33,554,432 B 32 MB
67,108,864 B 64 MB
134,217,728 B 128 MB
268,435,456 B 256 MB
536,870,912 B 512 MB
B to MB (SI) conversion table
4 B 0.000004 MB
8 B 0.000008 MB
16 B 0.000016 MB
32 B 0.000032 MB
64 B 0.000064 MB
128 B 0.000128 MB
256 B 0.000256 MB
512 B 0.000512 MB
1,024 B 0.001024 MB
2,048 B 0.002048 MB
4,096 B 0.004096 MB
8,192 B 0.008192 MB
16,384 B 0.016384 MB
32,768 B 0.032768 MB
65,536 B 0.065536 MB
131,072 B 0.131072 MB
262,144 B 0.262144 MB
524,288 B 0.524288 MB
1,048,576 B 1.048576 MB
2,097,152 B 2.097152 MB
4,194,304 B 4.194304 MB
8,388,608 B 8.388608 MB
16,777,216 B 16.777216 MB
33,554,432 B 33.554432 MB
67,108,864 B 67.108864 MB
134,217,728 B 134.217728 MB
268,435,456 B 268.435456 MB
536,870,912 B 536.870912 MB


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[2] IEC 80000-13:2008, Quantities and units, Part 13: Information science and technology

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