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    How many Bytes equal one MegaByte?

According to the two competing definitions, the answer is either 1,048,576 bytes equal 1 megabyte or 1,000,000 bytes equal one megabyte. Both the standard binary and the SI decimal standard have a metric called "megabyte" with a symbol "MB" and the first is defined as powers of 2, while the second as powers of 10. The first one comes from computer science and binary math, the second comes from units for measuring length, weight and force, where decimal makes sense.

Due to the conflict, there is often a confusion. In an attempt to alleviate the IEC proposed a new unit: the MebiByte (MiB) in place of the binary megabyte, but it is yet to see adoption decades after the proposal was accepted. If you need to convert between bytes and megabytes, make sure you understand which definition is appropriate in your particular case.

    Difference between MB and Bytes

The two units measure data storage in memory (RAM) or on a disk drive of some sort: HDD, SSD, USB sticks (thumb drives), external drives, and so on. Megabytes are used much more frequently in daily life, as most files we encounter have sizes in megabytes and even gigabytes. A typical audio file is between 2-3 MB and 50-60 MB, depending on compression. A small video can be from several dozens to several hundreds of megabytes.

In contrast, a Byte is a very small quantity of data, only 8 bits. In older character sets such as ASCII a Byte equaled one letter, number, or special symbol, while in newer ones such as Unicode it is even less than that, so its practical application is usually to measure small storage spaces, such as fields in a database. Thus, most of the time it is developers / computer programmers who deal with data in bytes.

Another reason to want to convert MB to bytes is if you want to switch between SI and binary units: converting to bytes, which is the base unit for both, is a convenient approach.

    How to convert MegaBytes to Bytes

Converting megabytes to bytes is not so easy if done by hand due to large numbers you need to multiply by. To convert 100 MB to Bytes you need to multiply 100 by 1,048,576, which is easy as you can simply shift the decimal pointer by two, resulting in 104,857,600 Bytes. However, when the number of megabytes is, say 64 or 128, calculation gets difficult. This is where the SI system has an advantage, since in it you always multiply by 1,000,000 - an operation anyone can do by adding zeroes.

While it is much more convenient to use our converter, here are some examples for the math, step by step.

MB to Bytes conversion example

Sample task: convert 2 megabytes to bytes (binary, also MiB). Solution:

MB * 1048576 = Bytes
2 MB * 1,048,576 = 2,097,152 Bytes
End result:
2 MB is equal to 2,097,152 Bytes

Sample task: convert 2 megabytes to megabytes (SI). Solution:

MB * 1000000 = Bytes
2 MB * 1,000,000 = 2,000,000 Bytes
End result:
2 MB is equal to 2,000,000 Bytes

    MB to Bytes conversion table

MB (binary, also MiB) to Bytes conversion table
MB (binary, also MiB) Bytes
4 MB 4,194,304 Bytes
8 MB 8,388,608 Bytes
16 MB 16,777,216 Bytes
32 MB 33,554,432 Bytes
64 MB 67,108,864 Bytes
128 MB 134,217,728 Bytes
256 MB 268,435,456 Bytes
512 MB 536,870,912 Bytes
1,024 MB 1,073,741,824 Bytes
2,048 MB 2,147,483,648 Bytes
4,096 MB 4,294,967,296 Bytes
8,192 MB 8,589,934,592 Bytes
16,384 MB 17,179,869,184 Bytes
32,768 MB 34,359,738,368 Bytes
65,536 MB 68,719,476,736 Bytes
131,072 MB 137,438,953,472 Bytes
262,144 MB 274,877,906,944 Bytes
524,288 MB 549,755,813,888 Bytes
MB (SI) to Bytes conversion table
MB (SI) Bytes
4 MB 4,000,000 Bytes
8 MB 8,000,000 Bytes
16 MB 16,000,000 Bytes
32 MB 32,000,000 Bytes
64 MB 64,000,000 Bytes
128 MB 128,000,000 Bytes
256 MB 256,000,000 Bytes
512 MB 512,000,000 Bytes
1,024 MB 1,024,000,000 Bytes
2,048 MB 2,048,000,000 Bytes
4,096 MB 4,096,000,000 Bytes
8,192 MB 8,192,000,000 Bytes
16,384 MB 16,384,000,000 Bytes
32,768 MB 32,768,000,000 Bytes
65,536 MB 65,536,000,000 Bytes
131,072 MB 131,072,000,000 Bytes
262,144 MB 262,144,000,000 Bytes
524,288 MB 524,288,000,000 Bytes


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2 IEC 80000-13:2008, Quantities and units, Part 13: Information science and technology

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