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Use this converter to easily convert between MegaBytes and MegaBits (MB to mbit).

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    How many MegaBits equal one MegaByte?

In the binary definition of the megabyte as 220 bytes 8.3886 megabits equal 1 megabyte. Using the decimal definition, adopted by the International System of Units (SI) in which a megabyte is 106 bytes exactly 8 megabits equal one megabyte.

While both definitions use 8-bit bytes, both use the same term - megabyte, and same symbol - MB, to describe different quantities of bytes. There is no wrong or right, though the binary definition is more widespread, while the decimal one is adopted by more organizations like the IEE, IEC, NIST, ISO. Make sure you know which definition of the megabyte you need to use in your particular situation, and simply flip the SI switch to the right position in our MB to mbit converter above.

    Difference between MB and Mbit

The major difference is in the amount of information (data) each unit represents, with the megabyte representing significantly more data (~8 times more) than the megabit, depending on the definition of the MB you use. The second difference is in application: where MB are mostly used when talking about data stored on a drive or in computer memory, the mbit is used to describe bandwidth - the capacity of a connection to transfer a given amount of data in a given slice of time. It is wrongly called "internet speed" in common language.

    How to convert MegaBytes to MegaBits

To convert from megabytes to megabits under the SI convention you simply multiply by 8. In the binary convention you multiply by 8.388608. Both operations are not easy to do in your mind, so having a converter handy is recommended, especially if more than one calculation is needed.

An alternative calculation route is to convert one of the metrics to bits, for example the megabits, and then, using your chosen MB convention, to convert the bits to MBs. More examples and a conversion table are below for your convenience.

MB to Mbits conversion example

Sample task: convert 32 megabytes to megabits (binary, also MiB to Mbits). Solution:

MB * 8.388608 = Mbits
32 MB * 8.3886 = 268.435456 Mbits
End result:
32 MB is equal to 268.435456 Mbits

Sample task: convert 32 megabytes to megabits (SI). Solution:

MB * 8 = Mbits
32 MB * 8 = 256 Mbits
End result:
32 MB is equal to 256 Mbits

    MB to Mbit conversion table

MB (binary, also MiB) to Mbits conversion table
MB (binary, also MiB) Mbits
4 MB 33.554432 Mbits
8 MB 67.108864 Mbits
16 MB 134.217728 Mbits
32 MB 268.435456 Mbits
64 MB 536.870912 Mbits
128 MB 1,073.741824 Mbits
256 MB 2,147.483648 Mbits
512 MB 4,294.967296 Mbits
1,024 MB 8,589.934592 Mbits
2,048 MB 17,179.869184 Mbits
4,096 MB 34,359.738368 Mbits
8,192 MB 68,719.476736 Mbits
16,384 MB 137,438.953472 Mbits
32,768 MB 274,877.906944 Mbits
65,536 MB 549,755.813888 Mbits
131,072 MB 1,099,511.627776 Mbits
262,144 MB 2,199,023.255552 Mbits
524,288 MB 4,398,046.511104 Mbits
MB (SI) to Mbits conversion table
MB (SI) Mbits
4 MB 32 Mbits
8 MB 64 Mbits
16 MB 128 Mbits
32 MB 256 Mbits
64 MB 512 Mbits
128 MB 1,024 Mbits
256 MB 2,048 Mbits
512 MB 4,096 Mbits
1,024 MB 8,192 Mbits
2,048 MB 16,384 Mbits
4,096 MB 32,768 Mbits
8,192 MB 65,536 Mbits
16,384 MB 131,072 Mbits
32,768 MB 262,144 Mbits
65,536 MB 524,288 Mbits
131,072 MB 1,048,576 Mbits
262,144 MB 2,097,152 Mbits
524,288 MB 4,194,304 Mbits


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[2] IEC 80000-13:2008, Quantities and units, Part 13: Information science and technology

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