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Use this converter to easily convert between Feet per second and Miles per hour (ft to mph).

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How many Feet per second equal one Mile per hour?

By definition, 5280 feet euqal one mile and 3600 seconds equal one hour. Taking the two dimensions into account we can calculate that approximately 0.681818 feet per second equal one mile per hour (3600/5280). Historically, the mile varied in length, until it was fixed with an international treaty in 1959. The internationally recognized symbol for miles is "mi" and for feet is "ft". Still, in some places in the US and the UK "m" is used to denote miles, which can lead to confusion with the SI unit "m", which stands for meter. This transfers into the derived units of speed: fps instead of ftps, and mph instead of miph.

Difference between Feet per second and Miles per hour

Both feet and miles are units for measuring distances and dimensions, but with very different magnitude. Due to this, miles per hour are usually used to measure the speed of cars, trucks, or trains, while feet per second are used for smaller distances like in running or walking, or when greater precision is required, such as in physics and engineering.

Both units have a long history and varied in definition from time to time and from place to place. The foot, however, is much older than the mile, despite the mile being used as early as the Roman Empire.

How to convert Feet per second to Miles per hour

To convert from feet per second to miles per hour you need to take into account the conversions on both the length dimension and the time dimension. In terms of length, divide the measurement in feet by 5280 to get the equivalent in miles. In terms of time, we need to multiply 1 second by 3600 to get 1 hour. Combined, the conversion results in a multiplication by 3600/5280, or about 0.681818 or, alternatively, a division by 1.466667. The conversion is often done with the help of a calculator. Our online feet per second to miles per hour converter will surely make that easy for you, and it also has a one-click copy button.

Feet per second to Miles per hour conversion example

Sample task: convert 10 feet per second to miles per hour. Solution (first method):

fps * 0.681818 = mph
10 fps * 0.6818 = 6.818180 mph
End result:
10 fps is equal to 6.818180 mph

Solution (second method):

fps / 1.466667 = mph
10 fps / 1.4667 = 6.818180 mph
End result:
10 fps is equal to 6.818180 mph

fps to mph conversion table

fps to mph conversion table
fps mph
1 fps 0.681818 mph
2 fps 1.363636 mph
3 fps 2.045455 mph
4 fps 2.727273 mph
5 fps 3.409091 mph
6 fps 4.090909 mph
7 fps 4.772727 mph
8 fps 5.454545 mph
9 fps 6.136364 mph
10 fps 6.818182 mph
20 fps 13.636364 mph
30 fps 20.454545 mph
40 fps 27.272727 mph
50 fps 34.090909 mph
60 fps 40.909091 mph
70 fps 47.727273 mph
80 fps 54.545455 mph
90 fps 61.363636 mph
100 fps 68.181818 mph
200 fps 136.363636 mph
300 fps 204.545455 mph
400 fps 272.727273 mph
500 fps 340.909091 mph
600 fps 409.090909 mph
700 fps 477.272727 mph
800 fps 545.454545 mph
900 fps 613.636364 mph
1,000 fps 681.818182 mph


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