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Use this converter to easily convert between Miles per hour and Meters per second (mps to mps, m/h to m/s).

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How many Meters per second equal one Mile per hour?

To answer this, we need to perform a conversion on both the length dimension and the time dimension. Since a mile is defined as 1609.344 meters according to the international standards for units and there are 3600 second in one hour, after dividing 1609.344 by 3600 we get that 0.44704 meters per second equal one mile per hour. The symbol for mile is "mi", while the symbol for meter is "m". In some places in the UK and the US, however, you might see "m" used a symbol for miles, leading to confusions, especially for visitors from abroad. This leads to the inconsistency of labeling miles per hour with "mph" which should more appropiately refer to meters per hour.

Difference between Miles per hour and Meters per second

The first difference is that one of these units represents a distance covered in a second, while the other represents a distance covered in an hour. The other component of the speed unit, the distance units, also presents several differences. For one, the mile is a part of the imperial system of units, while the meter is the base unit of the metric system. The two units correspond to very different lengths, with the mile being many orders of magnitude larger, thus miles are usually used to measure large distances, while meters are used for more modest ones. E.g. you would measure the distance travelled by a car or plane in miles, while a short walk or sprint in meters.

In general, meters per second is the preferred unit of speed in engineering, physics and other fields of applied science. Miles per hour, on the other hand, have more of an everyday usage in countries like the United States and a few of the other countries which once comprised the British Empire.

How to convert Miles per hour to Meters per second

As with other units of speed, the conversion operation should cover both dimensions: length and time. To convert miles to meters, multiply the distance in miles by 1609.344 to get the distance in meters and then divide by 3600 to convert hours to seconds. Equivalently, multiply the value in mph by 0.44704 to get mps. Conversion of measurements in miles per hour to measurements in meters per second is usually done with a calculator, and is even easier with our online miles per hour to meters per second converter, which also has a one-click copy/paste button for your convenience.

Miles per hour to Meters per second conversion example

Sample task: convert 100 miles per hour to meters per second. Solution:

mph * 0.44704 = mps
100 mph * 0.4470 = 44.7040 mps
End result:
100 mph is equal to 44.7040 mps

Mph to mps conversion table

mph to mps conversion table
mph mps
1 mph 0.447040 mps
2 mph 0.894080 mps
3 mph 1.341120 mps
4 mph 1.788160 mps
5 mph 2.235200 mps
6 mph 2.682240 mps
7 mph 3.129280 mps
8 mph 3.576320 mps
9 mph 4.023360 mps
10 mph 4.470400 mps
20 mph 8.940800 mps
30 mph 13.411200 mps
40 mph 17.881600 mps
50 mph 22.352000 mps
60 mph 26.822400 mps
70 mph 31.292800 mps
80 mph 35.763200 mps
90 mph 40.233600 mps
100 mph 44.704000 mps
200 mph 89.408000 mps
300 mph 134.112000 mps
400 mph 178.816000 mps
500 mph 223.52 mps
600 mph 268.224000 mps
700 mph 312.928000 mps
800 mph 357.632000 mps
900 mph 402.336000 mps
1,000 mph 447.04 mps


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