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Decimal to time calculator to convert decimal time to standard time in hours and minutes (hh:mm). Decimal to time conversion on the fly, which also outputs decimal to minutes.

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    Using the decimal to time converter

To use the tool, simply enter the decimal time and it will be converted to hours and minutes below. Enter either decimal hours or minutes. It is common for payroll hours to be expressed as a decimal, whereas sometimes you need to know how many hours and minutes that represents.

For example, enter 7.25 in decimal and the output will be 7 hours and 15 minutes. Alternatively, if the decimal time is in minutes, enter the number of minutes, for example 125, to see it converted to hours and minutes: 2 hours and 5 minutes in this example.

    Decimal to time conversion

To convert decimal hours to time first write down the whole part of the decimal number down - this is the number of whole hours. Then multiply the fractional part by sixty to get the number of minutes.

Example 1: convert 5.50 decimal hours to time. Solution: write down 5 as the number of hours. Then multiply 0.50 by 60, which is the same as dividing it by two in this case, to get the number of minutes. In this case the answer is 30. So 5.50 in decimal equals 5 hours 30 minutes.

Example 2: convert 8.00 decimal hours to time. Solution: as above, write down 8 as the number of hours. Then multiply 0.00 by 60 to get the number of minutes. Since zero times anything is zero, the answer is simply eight hours.

Example 3: 135 minutes is how many hours and minutes? To calculate the number of hours and minutes, the modulo mathematical operation needs to be used. Finding the modulo of two numbers means to find the remainder of a division. 135 modulo 60 will give us the number of minutes, in this case that is 15. Subtract 15 from 135, then divide the result by 60 to get the number of hours. 135 - 15 = 120. 120 / 60 = 2. So the answer is 2 hours and 15 minutes.

    Decimal to minutes conversion

Oftentimes one wants to convert decimal time to minutes instead of hours and minutes. In this case, perform the conversion of decimal to time as usual, then simply multiple the number of hours by sixty and add any remaining minutes to the number. E.g. 2.5 hours would equal 150 minutes since two hours times sixty equals 120 minutes, and 0.5 hours is 0.5 times sixty which is 30. Alternatively, just multiply 2.5 by 60 to get 150 minutes.

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