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Easily convert from one time measurement unit to another. Minutes to hours, hours to weeks, days to hours, hours to seconds, hours to day, and many more. Supports conversion to and from: nanoseconds, microseconds, milliseconds, seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, quarters, years, decades, and centuries.

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  4. Minutes to seconds conversion
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    Conversion process and supported time units

This versatile time converter supports conversion to and from: nanoseconds, microseconds, milliseconds, seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, quarters, years, decades, and centuries. Curious how many hours are in a week or how many minutes are in day? Answers to questions like these are easy using this tool, as well as converting minutes to (decimal) hours, seconds to minutes, and many more.

To convert, simply choose a unit of time and enter a number in the first field and the result will be displayed in the second field in the unit of time chosen there. You can change both units on the fly. In some cases the numbers will be displayed in scientific notation. If this is not convenient for you, you can always convert them to simple decimal notation by using our scientific notation converter.

    Minutes to hours conversion

Converting minutes to hours is a simple matter of knowing how many minutes are in an hour. Since the answer is 60 minutes, then to convert minutes to hours one simply divides the number of minutes by sixty. For example:

minutes / 60 = hours
45 minutes / 60 = 0.75 hours
End result:
45 minutes is equal to 0.75 hours

Here are tabulated values for selected values:

minutes to hours conversion table
minutes hours
1 minutes 0.016667 hours
2 minutes 0.033333 hours
3 minutes 0.05 hours
4 minutes 0.066667 hours
5 minutes 0.083333 hours
6 minutes 0.10 hours
7 minutes 0.116667 hours
8 minutes 0.133333 hours
9 minutes 0.15 hours
10 minutes 0.166667 hours
20 minutes 0.333333 hours
30 minutes 0.50 hours
40 minutes 0.666667 hours
50 minutes 0.833333 hours
60 minutes 1 hours

See a full minutes to hours conversion chart.

    Seconds to minutes conversion

Converting seconds to minutes can often be needed to translate sports competition results into more meaningful numbers. To convert seconds to minutes just divide by sixty. Take this example:

seconds / 60 = minutes
90 seconds / 60 = 1.50 minutes
End result:
90 seconds is equal to 1.50 minutes

This and other such tasks are made easier once it is known that our time measurement system is sexagesimal, also known as base 60. Other than time, it can also be encountered in measuruments of angles and geographic coordinates.

    Minutes to seconds conversion

Converting minutes to seconds is easy once it is known that a minute consists of sixty seconds. To convert minutes to seconds just multiply the number of minutes by sixty.

minutes * 60 = hours
5 minutes * 60 = 300 hours
End result:
5 minutes is equal to 300 hours

Here are tabulated values for selected values:

minutes to seconds conversion table
minutes seconds
1 minutes 60 seconds
2 minutes 120 seconds
3 minutes 180 seconds
4 minutes 240 seconds
5 minutes 300 seconds
6 minutes 360 seconds
7 minutes 420 seconds
8 minutes 480 seconds
9 minutes 540 seconds
10 minutes 600 seconds

    Hours to days conversion

Converting a number of hours to days relies on the fact that a day is defined as having exactly 24 hours. Converting hours to days requires the division of the number of hours by twenty-four.

hours / 24 = days
48 hours / 24 = 2 days
End result:
48 hours is equal to 2 days

A chart with selected values is presented below:

hours to days conversion table
hours days
6 hours 0.25 days
12 hours 0.5 days
24 hours 1 day
48 hours 2 days
72 hours 3 days
96 hours 4 days
120 hours 5 days
144 hours 6 days
168 hours 7 days

    Hours to seconds conversion

Converting a number of hours to seconds is a bit trickier than all the above. Knowing that an hour is sixty minutes and a minute is sixty seconds, to calculate how many seconds is a given number of hours one needs to divide by sixty once, and then to divide the result by sixty again. However, since sixty times sixty equals 3,600, dividing by that number gives the exact same result in one operation.

hours * 3600 = seconds
2 hours * 3,600 = 7,200 seconds
End result:
2 hours is equal to 7,200 seconds

Selected tabulated time conversions are presented below:

hours to seconds conversion table
hours seconds
1 hours 3,600 seconds
2 hours 7,200 seconds
3 hours 10,800 seconds
4 hours 14,400 seconds
5 hours 18,000 seconds
6 hours 21,600 seconds
7 hours 25,200 seconds
8 hours 28,800 seconds
9 hours 32,400 seconds
10 hours 36,000 seconds

    Other time conversions

Other conversions involving time units expressing larger time periods such as months, quarters, years, decades, and centuries work just the same. One starts converting in the direction of the target unit, considering at each step how many units compose the unit to convert to. The rule is that if you are going towards smaller and smaller units, multiply, otherwise divide.

For example, to calculate how many minutes are in two weeks, first convert weeks to the next unit: days, by multiplying by seven (the number of days in a single week). Next, multiply by the number of hours in a day (twenty-four) to get hours. Next, multiply the result by sixty, the number of minutes in an hour to get the final answer in minutes.

Care should be taken when converting time units which do not contain a fixed number of sub units, such as months, quarters, and years. Each of these contains a different number of days (and hence hours, minutes, seconds, etc.) depending on the calendar time it falls in. Our time converter uses averages in such cases, for example the average year contains 365.25 days.

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