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Use this random letter and number generator to generate a random alphanumeric string from the English alphabet or any other alphabet of your choosing, as well as the numbers from 0 to 9.

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  1. How to generate a random alphanumeric string?
  2. How to generate a random set of alphanumeric strings?
  3. Applications of a random alphanumeric string generator

    How to generate a random alphanumeric string?

To generate a random string of alphanumeric characters (alphanumeric sequence), start by specifying which alphabet to use. "Alphabet" here means simply the collection (or 'bag') of characters from which the random alphanumeric generator has to pick. By default, the generator is loaded with all lowercase letters of the English alphabet and the numbers from zero to nine. It will produce random combinations of letters and numbers as result.

You can easily input the German, Russian, French, Spanish, or any other characters into the tool. You can remove any characters you don't want, but you need to have at least 2 characters as input.

After you've chosen your starting character set, you can select whether the output should be capitalized or not. For example, if the resulting random string is "bdf", the random string generator will output "BDF" if this setting is on. Additionally, you can select to get only unique characters in your string.

Finally, press the "generate random string" button to essentially perform multiple dice roll with a dice with as many sides as the number of characters entered. The randomizer will pick random letters and numbers and display them for you.

    How to generate a random set of alphanumeric strings?

You can use the alphanumeric generator to produce a random set of such randomly generated strings. If you are doing a raffle, for example, you would want to also flip on the "Unique strings only" checkbox so that the software returns a set of unique randomly generated alphanumeric strings or, without the technical jargon - random numbers and letters.

If that is not what you're going for, then simply change the number of strings field to as many strings as you like (maximum of 10,000) and press the button. To retrieve the resulting list of random alphanumeric strings simply select it all (Ctrl+A on a PC), and then copy it (Ctrl+C on a PC) and paste it in a spreadsheet.

    Applications of a random alphanumeric string generator

While a sequence of random alphanumeric strings can be useful in a multitude of situations. Oftentimes alphanumeric strings can be used as tokens in lotteries and raffles. For example, if you are doing a charity raffle and want to randomly distribute prizes to the attendees, you can generate a set of unique random alphanumeric strings to give out as tokens. These can also be printed on the tickets themselves. To draw the prizes, paste the list of tokens in our randomizer and randomize it to determine either who gets the prize (if it just one simply give to whoever ends up on top). Alternatively, use the shuffled list of tokens to determine the order in which the prizes are to be given out.

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