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Use this random state generator to randomly select a state from the United States of America or another federalized country. Pick a state at random from the USA or from a different country of your choosing. Supported countries include Australia, Canada, Germany, Brazil, India, Argentina and others. Can be used in geography quizzes and games.

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  1. Using the random state generator
  2. How many states are included?
  3. Applications of a random state picker

    Using the random state generator

To pick a state at random, start by specifying which country to use. By default, the picker will use all 50 US states, excluding territories and special districts such as the Federal District of Columbia. You can check the "include territories" checkbox and the generator will also randomize all inhabited territories part of the specified country.

Our random state picker uses a random number generator to make sure each state from our database has an equal chance to be picked. It is equal to rolling a fair dice with several dozen sides or spinning a wheel where each state is represented by an equally-sized sector.

States in the following federal countries, typically federal republics, are currently supported, with the number of states in brackets:

  • the United States of America (50)
  • Argentina (24)
  • Australia (6)
  • Brazil (27)
  • Canada (10)
  • Germany (16)
  • India (31)
  • Malaysia (13)
  • Nigeria (36)
  • Venezuela (23)

Press the "pick a random state" button and our tool will return one state at random. If territories were also included, it could be a state or territory, with equal chance.

    How many states are included?

The generator uses a database of 236 states in 10 countries, as well as a total of 15 territories. The list was last actualized in early 2022. The random state picker has an equal probability of selecting any of them, like a state wheel.

The state randomizer uses only well-recognized and established federal states. We do not make any political claims by defining a state. Our goal is simply to provide an exhaustive list that any reasonable person would agree with. Disputed states or territories are typically not included.

List of included U.S. states

Below is a list of all 50 states that are used in our software, and their capital cities.

All 50 states with their capitals
State nameCodeCapital
Alabama AL Montgomery
Alaska AK Juneau
Arizona AZ Phoenix
Arkansas AR Little Rock
California CA Sacramento
Colorado CO Denver
Connecticut CT Hartford
Delaware DE Dover
Florida FL Tallahassee
Georgia GA Atlanta
Hawaii HI Honolulu
Idaho ID Boise
Illinois IL Springfield
Indiana IN Indianapolis
Iowa IA Des Moines
Kansas KS Topeka
Kentucky KY Frankfort
Louisiana LA Baton Rouge
Maine ME Augusta
Maryland MD Annapolis
Massachusetts MA Boston
Michigan MI Lansing
Minnesota MN St. Paul
Mississippi MS Jackson
Missouri MO Jefferson City
Montana MT Helena
Nebraska NE Lincoln
Nevada NV Carson City
New Hampshire NH Concord
New Jersey NJ Trenton
New Mexico NM Santa Fe
New York NY Albany
North Caroline NC Raleigh
North Dakota ND Bismarck
Ohio OH Columbus
Oklahoma OK Oklahoma City
Oregon OR Salem
Pennsylvania PA Harrisburg
Rhode Island RI Providence
South Carolina SC Columbia
South Dakota SD Pierre
Tennessee TN Nashville
Texas TX Austin
Utah UT Salt Lake City
Vermont VT Montpelier
Virginia VA Richmond
Washington WA Olympia
West Virginia WV Charleston
Wisconsin WI Madison
Wyoming WY Cheyenne

If you select to include territories in the random draw, then it would also include the District of Columbia (DC), American Samoa (AS), Guam (GU), Northern Mariana Islands (NP), Puerto Rico (PR), and U.S. Virgin Islands (VI).

    Applications of a random state picker

While there are many reasons you may want to randomly select a given US state, or a state in another country, here are two of them to get you started.

Geography games with states

Many geography-related games incorporate a requirement for randomly picking a state. It can be to start the game, or on each player's turn. Using our generator can make sure a game is fair to all players. Examples of such games are ones where players take turns saying a fact about a state. For example, a player draws a state at random and has to name its capital, population, the year it joined the union / federation, area in square miles or square kilometers, and so on.

A map of all US states can be seen below, without their names on, which can be useful if playing a game in which one needs to point to the chosen state on a map.

us states

Picking a random state to visit

If you are feeling adventurous about a vacation or trip, then using a state picker to pick a destination may be a fun way to decide where to visit next. Given that you have already specified a country, one can often easily go to any part of it as tourists by traveling in luxury or on the cheap, depending on one's means and wants.

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