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Use this random month generator to randomly select a month. Pick a month at random from any year or range of years you want.


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Random month March, 2021    
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Using the random month generator

To pick a month at random, start by specifying the start and end year of the period you want to select a month from. If you don't care about the year, just leave it as it is by default (start year is also the end year). Obviously, the end year must be the same as or later than the starting year in order to define a meaningful period.

Then simply press "Pick a Random Month" to draw a month at random, just like a physical month wheel would.

Example random month draw

Say you want to pick a month at random between 2021 and 2023. Simply enter the years in the start and end fields and press the button.

To generate a random month only between July 2021 and March 2023, there is no control in the interface for this, but you can simply set the years correctly and then repeatedly click the button until the first time the Month/Year combination matches your date range. So, for example, if at the first output from our random month generator is May 2021, simply try again. If on the second attempt you get August 2021 then this is your randomly picked month.

How many months in a year?

Using the standard scientific calendar there are exactly 12 month each year. Other calendar system may contain a different number of months or may not have the concept of a month at all. Many alternative systems measure the duration of a month from one full moon to another and thus have a different definition. Still, the month generator above can be used successfully with most modern calendars.

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