Final Grade Calculator

Use this final exam calculator to easily calculate the final grade or score you need to achieve in order to get a desired overall score for a class or course. You just need to know your current grade and the weight of the final exam as a percentage of the overall grade. If you do not know your current grade, use our grade calculator instead.

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How much do I need to get on my final exam?

When the end of the year, semester, or course approaches, students often want to find out what grade is needed on the final exam in order to get a desired grade in a course or class. The final grade calculator can tell you what final grade is needed, at minimum, in order to achieve the target overall grade. It does so using simple arithmetic, as explained below.

The minimum final grade that is needed can be calculated using this formula:

Final exam grade = (Target Grade - Current Grade x (100% - Weight of Final(%))) / Weight of Final(%)

To use the calculator, you just need to know your current grade, the weight given to the final exam grade in the overall scoring of the course or class, and to set a goal for your overall grade. If you do not know your current weighted average grade, then use our grade calculator instead.

How will my final affect my grade?

The effect of the final exam grade on the overall grade for a school class or college course depends both on the score you obtain and on its weight towards the overall grade. If you get a high grade, but the final has a weight of just 20% towards the overall score, then it will have an impact two times smaller than if it was weighted at 40% of overall. Similarly, if it is highly weighted, say at 50%, and you get a lower score on it than your exams through the semester, it will drag down your overall grade much more than if it was weighted at say 20% or 30%.

How to convert my letter grade to percentage?

In case you only know your current weighted grade as a letter grade and not a percentage, you will need to convert it to a percentage before you can calculate the final grade you need to acquire. The table below can help with that, but ideally you would want to know the exact percentage grade as otherwise results from this calculator will only be approximate.

Converting letter grades to percentages
Letter GradePercentageGPA
A+ 97-100% 4.3
A 93-96% 4.0
A- 90-92% 3.7
B+ 87-89% 3.3
B 83-86% 3.0
B- 80-82% 2.7
C+ 77-79% 2.3
C 73-76% 2.0
C- 70-72% 1.7
D+ 67-69% 1.3
D 63-66% 1.0
D- 60-62% 0.7
F 0-59% 0.0

The above table presents a grading system used by some colleges in the United States, but it is by no means universally applied so you need to check with your local school or college in case you need to convert between letter grades and percentages with sufficient accuracy.

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