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Easily convert cups to tsp (US teaspoons or Imperial teaspoons). Calculate how much is X cups in teaspoons regardless of the type of recipe ingredient (water, flour, butter, sugar, salt, etc.) you are working with using this cups to tsp converter.

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    Cups versus teaspoons in recipes

The cup is a unit for measuring volume with several definitions in use. The most used is the US legal cup which is defined as containing 240 ml of volume as per a 1970 international treaty the US is a part to. Pre-1970 American recipes might contain measurements in Imperial cups which are slightly larger at 284 ml. Both of these are supported by this converter.

Teaspoons also have different definitions: the US teaspoon and the Imperial teaspoon. One teaspoon is defined as exactly 5 milliliters under the US standard, while an Imperial teaspoon is 20% larger at 6 ml.

Cups and teaspoons both measure volume making it easy to convert between them and make them practically interchangeable. Our cups to tsp converter should be the choice when speed and convenience matter. If, however, you want to do the conversion by hand see the next section.

    How many teaspoons are in a cup?

There are 48.7 teaspoons in a cup if we use US cups and US teaspoons as our definitions. In the Imperial (UK) versions of the same units there are precisely 48 teaspoons in a cup. One can derive these results from the definitions in milliliters through basic algebraic operations.

    Converting between cups and tsp

The conversion from cups to teaspoons is painless as both units measure volume.

Half a cup of water to teaspoons

Sample task: convert half a cup of water to teaspoons, adhering to the US definition of each unit. Solution:

US cup * 49.692 = tsp
0.5 US cup * 49.6920 = 24.8460 tsp
End result:
0.5 US cup is equal to 24.8460 tsp

A cup of flour to teaspoons

Sample task: convert two cups of flour to teaspoons, using the UK / Imperial definitions. Solution:

Imperial cups * 48 = tsp
2 Imperial cups * 48 = 96 tsp
End result:
2 Imperial cups is equal to 96 tsp

There is no need to take into account what ingredient is being measured since a cup of water is equal to a cup of butter is equal to a cup of salt, rice, or anything else you might find in a recipe.

    Cups to teaspoons conversion tables

For your convenience, we present conversion charts for cups (US, UK) and their equivalent numbers of teaspoons.

Cups to teaspoons (US) table

Here is a convenient table with often used quantities in US cups and their corresponding values in US teaspoons.

Cups to tsp conversion table (US)
Cups (US) Tsp (US)
¼ cup 12.2 tsp
⅓ cup 16.2 tsp
½ cup 24.4 tsp
1 cup 48.7 tsp
2 cups 97.4 tsp

Imperial Cups to Imperial teaspoons table

A kitchen conversion table with the UK standards of the units is shown below.

Cups to tsp conversion table (Imperial units)
Cups (Imperial) Tsp (Imperial)
¼ cup 12 tsp
⅓ cup 16 tsp
½ cup 24 tsp
1 cup 48 tsp
2 cups 96 tsp

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