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Easily convert grams to tsp (US teaspoons or Imperial teaspoons). Calculate how many teaspoons is X grams of a specific ingredient such as water, flour, milk, sugar, salt, etc. when cooking by recipe with this grams to tsp converter.

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    Grams and teaspoons in cooking recipes

The gram is an internationally recognized unit for measuring mass. Well-written recipes should cite measurements in units of mass instead of using volume and the gram is a typical choice. Given the quantities typical of home cooking recipes, grams offer a good balance between accuracy and convenience since the same mass in milligrams would contain too high numbers while using kilograms would involve too many fractions that people typically find more difficult.

The teaspoon is a unit of volume with history perhaps as old as the teaspoon utensil itself. The more popular definition is that of the US teaspoon which contains 5 ml of volume. Older recipes might instead refer to Imperial teaspoons which equal 6 ml of volume. Both units are conveniently supported in our converter.

In general it is best to abstain from converting weights into volumes such as grams to teaspoons since this lowers the accuracy with which one can follow a recipe. The conversion from weight to volume involves the density of the particular ingredient and it can only be estimated from averages. For some ingredients the inaccuracy can be very significant. If you need to perform the conversion regardless, our grams to teaspoons converter is here to help.

    How many grams does a teaspoon hold?

The question cannot be answered without first naming the specific ingredient for which the conversion is to happen. The same weight of a different ingredient will fill a different volume and what volume it will fill depends on its density. As different substances typically have different densities a teaspoon of water weighs differently from one filled with butter, milk, salt, sugar, etc.

In our grams to tsp converter we've added a drop-down list containing commonly used cooking ingredients making it easy to answer the question how many grams of any such ingredient are in a teaspoon.

    Converting grams to teaspoons

To perform the conversion from grams to teaspoons the density of the substance has to be known or estimated. For example, a cooking recipe includes 10 grams of salt and 8 grams of sugar. The examples below explain how to convert those values to teaspoons.

10 grams of salt to teaspoons

Sample task: convert 10 grams of salt to teaspoons, knowing that the density of salt is 2.2 grams per milliliter and assuming a teaspoon holds 15 ml as per the US standard. Solution:

g / 5 = tsp
10 g / 5 = 2 tsp
End result:
10 g is equal to 2 tsp

8 grams of sugar to teaspoons

Sample task: convert 8 grams of sugar to teaspoons, while also assuming that the density of sugar is 0.84 grams per milliliter and a teaspoon holds 15 ml. Solution:

g / 4.13 = tsp
8 g / 4.13 = 1.937046 tsp
End result:
8 g is equal to 1.937046 tsp

As a practical matter the result can be rounded up to two tsp.

    Grams to tsp conversion tables

These g to tsp conversion charts can be used as a quick reference for some often encountered recipe ingredients.

Grams to teaspoons of water conversion table

This table contains some often used quantities of water in grams with corresponding values in the number of teaspoons.

Grams to teaspoons conversion table for water
Grams of water Teaspoons of water
2.5 g ½ tsp
5 g 1 tsp
6 g 1¼ tsp
7 g 1⅓ tsp
8 g 1⅔ tsp
10 g 2 tsp
20 g 4 tsp

Grams of salt to teaspoons conversion table

Below is a conversion chart in grams of salt and the corresponding number of teaspoons (US).

Grams of salt to teaspoons conversion table
Grams of salt Teaspoons of salt
2.5 g ¼ tsp
5 g ½ tsp
6 g ½ tsp
7 g ⅔ tsp
8 g ¾ tsp
10 g 1 tsp
20 g 1¾ tsp

Grams of butter to tsp conversion table

Below is a conversion chart between grams of butter and their teaspoons equivalent according to the US convention. Numbers in teaspoons are rounded where necessary for utility.

Grams of butter to teaspoons conversion table
Grams of butter Teaspoons of butter
2.5 g ½ tsp
5 g 1 tsp
6 g 1¼ tsp
7 g 1½ tsp
8 g 1¾ tsp
10 g 2 tsp
20 g 4¼ tsp
50 g 10⅔ tsp

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