Milliliters to Tablespoons Converter

Convert ml to tablespoons (US tablespoons or Imperial tablespoons) online. How much is X ml in tablespoons of a given liquid such as water, milk, vegetable oil, etc., ground, or powdered ingredient like flour, sugar, salt, and so on. Includes ml to tbsp conversion tables.

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    Milliliters and tablespoons in recipes

The milliliter is a unit of volume defined based on the liter. A ml of volume is exactly one thousand part of the liter which in itself is the base unit of volume in the international metric system. In cooking it is often used to express the volume of different liquid ingredients (water, oil, milk) as well as ground or powder stuffs like flour, salt, sugar, among others.

The tablespoon is a unit for measuring volume mostly used in food preparation and recipes. The most common definition is that of the US tablespoon defined as 15 ml of volume. Yet another definition exists called the Imperial teapsoon and it equals 18 ml. Both units can be used in this converter by simply selecting the appropriate one from a drop-down.

Converting between ml and tablespoons is just a matter of simple mathematics since the latter is literally defined in terms of the former, by standard. ml and tbsp can be used fully interchangeably based on convenience with the help of this ml to tablespoons converter.

    How many milliliters in a tablespoon?

There are 5 ml in a tablespoon according to the US definition. According to the Imperial definition a tablespoon contains 6 ml, or 20% more. Both units may be encountered and it is best to seek information on this in the notes below the recipe, or on dedicated pages at the start or end of the recipe book.

    ml to tablespoons conversion

Both units measure volume so conversion is straightforward. Mathematically, to convert milliliters to tablespoons is a matter of simple division by the number of ml per tablespoon.

50 milliliters of water to tablespoons

Sample task: convert ten milliliters to tablespoons of water, adhering to the US definition of a tablespoon. Solution:

ml / 15 = tablespoons (US)
50 ml / 15 = 3.333333 tablespoons (US)
End result:
50 ml is equal to 3.333333 tablespoons (US)

The result equals 3⅓ tablespoons.

100 milliliters of milk to tablespoons

Sample task: convert 40 milliliters of milk to tablespoons, using the Imperial definition of a tablespoon. Solution:

ml / 18 = tablespoons (UK)
100 ml / 18 = 5.555556 tablespoons (UK)
End result:
100 ml is equal to 5.555556 tablespoons (UK)

This practically equals 5 and a half tablespoons. The same result will apply to any cooking ingredient being measured since the conversion is between one unit of volume and another.

    Milliliters to Tablespoons conversion tables

These onversion charts for often encountered quantities in milliliters and their equivalent number of tablespoons (US, UK) can be helpful as a quick reference.

Milliliters to Tablespoons conversion table

A milliliters to tablespoons conversion table which should work for most home kitchen purposes.

ml to tablespoons conversion table (US)
Milliliters Tablespoons (US)
5 ml ⅓ tbsp
10 ml ⅔ tbsp
15 ml 1 tbsp
20 ml 1⅓ tbsp
25 ml 1⅔ tbsp
30 ml 2 tbsp
50 ml 3⅓ tbsp

Milliliters to Imperial Tablespoons table

A conversion table for common quantities in ml and equivalents in UK tablespoons. Reasonable rounding is applied to the tablespoons where necessary.

ml to imperial tablespoons conversion table
Milliliters Tablespoons (Imperial)
6 ml ⅓ tbsp
12 ml ⅔ tbsp
18 ml 1 tbsp
25 ml 1½ tbsp
50 ml 3 tbsp
100 ml 5⅔ tbsp

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