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Convert teaspoons to ml with ease. How much is X teaspoons in milliliters for any liquid (water, milk, vegetable oil, etc.), ground, or powdered recipe ingredient (flour, sugar, salt, etc.). Tsp to ml conversion tables.

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    Teaspoons versus milliliters in recipes

The teaspoon is a unit for measuring volume with several definitions in use, mostly in food preparation and recipes. The most common definition is the US teaspoon defined as 5 ml of volume. Another definition is the Imperial teapsoon which equals 6 ml. Both units can be used in this converter by selecting the corresponding one from the result drop-down.

The milliliter is a unit of volume defined as one thousandth of the liter. It is a part of the international metric system. In recipes it is often used to express the volume of different liquid ingredients (water, oil, milk) as well as ground or powder stuffs like flour, salt, sugar, among others.

Since teaspoons are defined in milliliters converting between the two units is just a simple mathematical multiplication. Which unit would be used is a matter of convenience and may be chosen to suite the available equipment. Our teaspoons to ml converter further facilitates the interchangeability of these measurement units.

    How many milliliters are in a teaspoon?

According to the official US definition there are 5 ml in a teaspoon. According to the Imperial definition a teaspoon contains 6 ml, or 20% more. Both units may be encountered in recipes so it is best if the authors make it explicit which type of a teaspoon is being used. This is especially important if the number of is higher than two.

    Tsp to ml conversion

Mathematically, converting teaspoons to milliliters is a matter of simple multiplication of the number of tsp by the number of ml in a teaspoon: 5 for a US tsp and 6 for an Imperial tsp.

Two teaspoons to milliliters

Sample task: convert two teaspoons to milliliters of water, adhering to the US definition of a teaspoon. Solution:

tsp * 5 = ml
2 tsp * 5 = 10 ml
End result:
2 tsp is equal to 10 ml

Four teaspoons of sugar to milliliters

Sample task: convert 4 teaspoons of sugar to milliliters, using the Imperial definition of a teaspoon. Solution:

tsp (UK) * 6 = ml
4 tsp (UK) * 6 = 24 ml
End result:
4 tsp (UK) is equal to 24 ml

The result obtained would be the same for any cooking ingredient besides sugar since the conversion is between one unit of volume and another.

    Teaspoons to Milliliters conversion tables

Conversion charts for often encountered quantities in teaspoons and their equivalent number of milliliters. These can be used to determine the correct quantity at a glance.

Teaspoons to Milliliters conversion table

A teaspoons to milliliters conversion table that can be used as a quick reference for common quantities of ingredients.

US teaspoons to ml conversion table
Teaspoons (US) Milliliters
1 tsp 5 ml
2 tsp 10 ml
3 tsp 15 ml
4 tsp 20 ml
5 tsp 25 ml
10 tsp 50 ml
20 tsp 100 ml

Imperial Teaspoons to Milliliters table

A table with common quantities in UK teaspoons and their ml equivalents.

Imperial teaspoons to ml conversion table
Teaspoons (Imperial) Milliliters
1 tsp 6 ml
2 tsp 12 ml
3 tsp 18 ml
4 tsp 25 ml
8½ tsp 50 ml
17 tsp 100 ml

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