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Convert ml to grams. Calculate how many grams is X milliliters of a specific ingredient such as water, flour, milk, sugar, salt, etc. from a recipe.

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    Milliliters and grams in cooking recipes

The milliliter is a part of the international metric system standard (SI) and it measures volume. It is equal to one thousandth of a liter and is mostly used for denoting the volume of liquids, especially homogeneous ones such as simple ingredients: water, milk, oil, etc.

It may also be used for solid ingredients but that is not recommended since this introduces an inaccuracy caused by the varying density of the ingredient in each instance. For optimal accuracy, you should use recipes with weight specified instead of volume, but if you need to convert from milliliters to grams, our converter is here to help.

The gram is an internationally standardized unit for measuring mass defined as one thousandth of the kilogram and is also a part of the metric system. In recipes it is often employed in expressing the weight of both liquid and solid recipe ingredients.

    How many milliliters per gram?

The question cannot be answered without first knowing the specific ingredient for which the conversion is to happen, as well as its bulk density. The same weight of a different ingredient will take up a different volume depending on its density. Various substances have different densities so a gram of water takes up a different volume from a gram of milk, oil, or another liquid.

This ml to grams converter features a drop-down list with different cooking ingredients making it easy to convert between grams and milliliters without referring to special tables.

    Converting milliliters to grams

To perform the conversion from milliliters to grams the density of the substance has to be known or estimated. For example, a cooking recipe includes 500 milliliters of water and 100 milliliters of milk. The conversion of these values to grams is shown below.

Five hundred milliliters of water to grams

Sample task: convert 500 milliliters of water to grams, knowing that the density of water is one gram per milliliter. Solution:

ml / 1 = g
500 ml / 1 = 500 g
End result:
500 ml is equal to 500 g

One hundred milliliters of oil to grams

Sample task: convert 100 milliliters of vegetable oil to grams. It is known that the density of vegetable oils is about 0.96 grams per ml. Solution:

ml / 0.96 = g
100 ml / 0.96 = 104.166667 g
End result:
100 ml is equal to 104.166667 g

    ml to grams conversion tables

These ml to g conversion charts can be used as a useful reference for a few often encountered recipe ingredients such as water, milk, and vegetable oils like sunflower oil, olive oil, and more.

Milliliters to grams of water conversion table

This table contains some often used quantities of water in milliliters with corresponding values in grams.

Milliliters to grams conversion table for water
Milliliters of water Grams of water
10 ml 10 g
20 ml 20 g
50 ml 50 g
100 ml 100 g
150 ml 150 g
200 ml 200 g
500 ml 500 g

One can easily observe that grams and ml are interchangeable when it comes to water due to the convenient fact that the water density is approximately one gram per ml. Importantly, this is not the case for other ingredients as can be seen below.

Milliliters of milk to grams conversion table

Below is a conversion chart in milliliters of milk and the corresponding grams.

Milliliters of milk to grams conversion table
Milliliters of milk Grams of milk
10 ml 10 g
19 ml 20 g
48 ml 50 g
96 ml 100 g
145 ml 150 g
193 ml 200 g
482 ml 500 g

While milk has a density close to that of water, at larger quantities the small difference starts to show. For quantities greater than 1,000 ml or 1l it can become substantial so it is advised to not take shortcuts in this conversion.

ml of oil to grams conversion table

Below is a conversion chart between milliliters of vegetable oil and its grams equivalent.

Milliliters of vegetable oil to grams conversion table
Milliliters of vegetable oil Grams of vegetable oil
11 ml 10 g
22 ml 20 g
55 ml 50 g
110 ml 100 g
165 ml 150 g
220 ml 200 g
549 ml 500 g

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