Grams to Tablespoons Converter

Convert grams to tablespoons (US tbsp or Imperial tbsp). Calculate how much is X grams in tablespoons for a specific ingredient such as water, flour, butter, sugar, salt, etc. when cooking or following recipe with this grams to tbsp converter.

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    Grams and tablespoons in recipes

The gram is an internationally recognized unit for measuring mass. It is the most widely used unit of mass for non-liquid ingredients in cooking and grocery shopping around the world. Specifying recipe measurements in units of mass is highly recommended as this leads to an unambiguous interpretation and ensures following the recipe accurately.

The tablespoon is a unit of volume with two commonly used definitions. The more prominent is the US tablespoon which is defined as containing 15 ml of volume. Some recipes might still use Imperial tablespoons which equal 18 ml of volume. Both are supported in our converter.

It is recommended to refrain from converting weights into volumes such as grams to tablespoons if accurately following the recipe is of particular concern. Such conversions inevitably involve a third variable - density, which can only be estimated from averages with varying degrees of inaccuracy. Our grams to tablespoons converter will be of assistance in all other cases.

    How many grams in a tablespoon?

Before answering this question, it needs to be further specified by including information about the specific ingredient. The reason is that the same weight of a different ingredient will fill a different amount of volume depending on its density, a.k.a. bulk density. Different substances typically have different densities and so a tablespoon of water weighs about 15 grams, while a tablespoon of butter weighs just 14 grams. A tbsp of salt however is 33 grams on average.

In our grams to tbsp converter we've included a drop-down featuring commonly used recipe ingredients. Their bulk density is coded into the tool so you can convert with reasonable accuracy without needing to know these details.

    Converting grams to tablespoons

To perform the conversion from grams to tablespoons the density of the substance needs to be known or estimated from averages. For example, if a cooking recipe includes 20 grams of water and 50 grams of flour, and you may want to convert these quantities to tablespoons. To do so, follow these steps:

20 grams of water to tablespoons

Sample task: convert 20 grams of water to tablespoons, knowing that the density of water is 1 gram per milliliter and using the US definition of a tablespoon, meaning a tablespoon holds 15 ml. Solution:

g / 15 = tbsp
20 g / 15 = 1.333333 tbsp
End result:
20 g is equal to 1.333333 tbsp

For all practical purposes this is equal to one and a third tablespoons.

50 grams of flour to tablespoons

Sample task: convert 50 grams of flour to tablespoons, knowing that the density of flour is 0.67 grams per milliliter and a tablespoon holds 15 ml. Solution:

g / 10 = tbsp
50 g / 10 = 5 tbsp
End result:
50 g is equal to 5 tbsp

    Grams to tbsp conversion tables

These g to tbsp conversion charts can be used as a quick reference for some often encountered recipe ingredients.

Grams to tablespoons of water conversion table

This table contains some often used quantities of water in grams with corresponding values in the number of tablespoons.

Grams to tablespoons conversion table for water
Grams of water Tablespoons of water
10 g ⅔ tbsp
15 g 1 tbsp
20 g 1⅓ tbsp
30 g 2 tbsp
50 g 2⅓ tbsp
100 g 6¾ tbsp

Grams of flour to tablespoons conversion table

Below is a conversion chart in grams of flour and the corresponding number of tablespoons (US).

Grams of flour to tbsp conversion table
Grams of flour Tablespoons of flour
10 g 1 tbsp
15 g 1½ tbsp
20 g 2 tbsp
30 g 3 tbsp
50 g 5 tbsp
60 g 6 tbsp
100 g 10 tbsp

Grams of butter to tbsp conversion table

Below is a conversion chart between grams of butter and their tablespoons equivalent according to the US convention. Numbers in tablespoons are rounded where necessary for utility.

Grams of butter to tablespoons conversion table
Grams of butter Tablespoons of butter
10 g ¾ tbsp
15 g 1 tbsp
20 g 1½ tbsp
30 g 2 tbsp
50 g 3⅔ tbsp
60 g 4¼ tbsp
100 g 7 tbsp

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