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Early 20-th century calculating machine

The Fascinating History of the Modern Calculator

Though we may not think about it, math and calculations permeate our everyday lives. We calculate tips at restaurants, determine how much money a grocery store coupon will save us, and compute how much our online purchases will cost including tax and shipping. Some do these calculations in their head or by hand, but many […] Read More…

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Making the Most of Time: 1 Year in Minutes

As the saying goes, time flies when you’re having fun. Most adults know that it flies even when you’re not having fun–and that the speed that time goes by seems to increase as we get older.  Since our time is limited, it’s natural to wonder how much time we actually have to do the things […] Read More…

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How Tall Were the Vikings?

Vikings⁠—also known as Norsemen⁠—were sailors who lived hundreds of years ago, but their legacy lives on to this day. One of their lasting impacts was the image we have when we think about these men and women. Something that comes to mind is their height and general appearance. For many people, what comes to mind […] Read More…

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