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What Weighs Five Pounds?

Humans have been weighing objects for centuries. The earliest scales that have been found have dated back to 2000 BC. What humans were weighing centuries ago is not much different than what we weigh today: crops, animals, and golds and other metals are still commonly weighed. But, whether you have a scale or not, knowing […] Read More…

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How to Use a Discount Calculator to Get More Customers

If you’re a business owner, then chances are you’re constantly thinking about ways to attract new customers and make more sales. Even if your business is thriving at the moment, you may be trying to move stock or make up for an earlier period in the year that was slow. Discounting your goods or services […] Read More…

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What is the Average Speed of Different Modes of Transportation?

We live in a time with an incredible number of options when it comes to transportation. Traveling today isn’t just about where you want to go but how you feel like getting there. Most likely, part of your decision making is going to involve looking at how fast each of these different modes of transportation […] Read More…

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Figure Out Your Home’s Worth With a CAGR Calculator

If you have ever purchased your own home, then you know that it was a major investment. And, when the day comes and you’re ready to sell it, you’ll want to be sure that you’ll be getting back that initial investment and then some. The question now is, “What is the value of my home?” […] Read More…

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What is the Impact Force on Different Objects?

All around us, different invisible forces are coming together to control our natural environment. For example, gravitational force is the attraction between objects with mass, and it’s what keeps us on the ground instead of floating out to space. Then, there’s electromagnetism, which is when an electric current produces a magnetic field, and it’s what […] Read More…

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