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How Random Numbers Are the Driving Force Behind Video Games, Jury Selection, and More

​​GigaCalculator investigated where and how random numbers are used to power processes in everyday life, using a variety of news stories, scientific reports, and other sources. Read More…

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Handball, Jai Alai, and Other Activities That Burn A Lot of Calories

Gigacalculator used data from the Wisconsin Department of Health to determine which activities burn the most calories. The analysis includes the number of calories burned for a 130-pound, 155-pound, and 190-pound person for sports like team handball, boxing, squash, jai alai, uphill cross-country skiing, and more. Read More…

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What Are the Best Kids Buoyancy Aids

Most kids love the water. One of the best ways to get a cranky child out of a funk is to take them swimming or even put them in the bathtub. Body fat makes human beings naturally buoyant but for safety reasons, it’s always a good idea to give any child who’s in the water […] Read More…

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What is the World’s Fastest Horse? 

Horses have been an integral part of society for over 6,000 years—from their use in labor, transportation, and sport. Horse racing as we know it today has been a popular pastime since the 18th century. Before then, the earliest accounts of horse racing date back to 700 BCE. While horse racing may have evolved over […] Read More…

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What is the Typical Soccer Player Diet Plan?

Anybody who watches soccer, whether they enjoy the sport or simply love Ted Lasso, may wonder how the top players maintain their impressive level of fitness. Is it all from workouts or do the food choices they make have an impact? A soccer player’s diet plan may vary from athlete to athlete, but there are […] Read More…

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What is the Average NBA Player Height?

Imagine you’re watching an NBA game on TV. You know that the professional basketball players are tall given their profession, but with a whole team standing next to each other, it can be difficult to tell just how tall each person is. Look at the same players in a photo with, say, their family or […] Read More…

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Boxer Throwing a Heavy Punch

How to Punch Harder – Increase Your Punching Power Using Physics

If you are into fighting sports such as boxing, kickboxing, MMA, sanda or even a traditional martial art, you probably want to increase the punching power of your fists. When discussing how to punch harder one can hear contradictory advice for example “speed equals power” and “power is not speed”. It seems much of the […] Read More…

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