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This is How Employers Can Improve Labor Productivity

The popular phrase “time is money” says it all: Time management is key when running a business. As an employer, you don’t want your employees to waste their time, because that in effect means they’re wasting your time and resources. To ensure that your team’s time is being managed well and that your business is […] Read More…

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Are You Getting Your Paid Overtime?

As an employee, it usually goes without saying that if you work more, you want to get paid more for your time. Overtime pay (sometimes shortened to “OT”) is a way to protect employees who work outside of their designated hours, but there are some variations in what qualifies for overtime and how much they […] Read More…

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Is College Worth the Investment?

When you tally up the cost of tuition, textbooks, room and board, and other miscellaneous expenditures involved with going to college, it quickly becomes clear that it’s going to be a hefty investment. When you start to imagine the price, you might be wondering, “Is college worth it?” To see if the decision to go […] Read More…

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