How Many Bags of Mulch Fit on a Pallet?

Woman's hands in green and white gardening gloves scooping pine mulch from garden.
mulching garden conifer bed with pine tree bark mulch

Anybody who has ever taken on a DIY project knows that transporting supplies from one location to another can be a challenge–especially if you’re doing the project by yourself.

Mulch is a common purchase for both homeowners and contractors. Its weight and the large bags it comes in can make handling it difficult. One way to mitigate the difficulty is by putting the bags on a pallet.

Mulch can be used in a variety of ways and it may be helpful to know how many bags of mulch can fit on a standard pallet.

What Can Mulch Be Used For?

Mulch comes in many forms. It may be made of wood chips, straw, grass clippings, moss, leaves, manure, newspaper, or even rubber.

Most of us think of mulch as something to be used in gardens and gardening is one of its most common applications. However, there are others. Here are some examples courtesy of

  • Mulch can be used to prevent moisture loss on the surface of soil.
  • It can add nutrients to soil.
  • It reduces soil erosion.
  • It can regulate soil temperature.
  • It can be an attractive feature of landscaping.
  • Rubber mulch is commonly used on playgrounds to provide a safe surface for children to play.
  • Rubber mulch is also used in equestrian arenas and running tracks because it provides a springy surface that minimizes the risk of joint strain and injuries.

Before you use mulch in any way, it’s important to calculate how much mulch is required to fill the area where you intend to put it and how much it weighs, so you can determine the best way to transport it.

How Much Mulch Can You Fit on a Pallet?

Regardless of whether your DIY project is large or small, you may be asking, “How many bags of mulch on a pallet?” in order to know whether or not transporting the mulch will even be an option for you. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to figure it out.

What Are Standard Mulch Bag Sizes?

Mulch may be purchased in bags or in bulk. If you purchase in bulk, then you’ll need to specify what you need in pounds and it will likely be delivered directly to the location of your project.

Buying mulch in bags usually means buying bags that are measured in cubic feet. The bags typically contain between one cubic foot and three cubic feet of mulch.

The weight of mulch depends on the type you buy. One cubic foot of wood mulch may weigh as little as 20 pounds, while one cubic foot of compost mulch may weigh as much as 50 pounds and a cubic foot of rubber mulch weighs 90 pounds.

What Are Standard Pallet Sizes?

While pallets come in a variety of sizes, the standard used in the United States is a pallet that measures 48” by 40”. It’s common for pallets to be made of wood.

The most important thing to know about wooden pallets, which is the standard, is that they are limited in how much weight they can hold, which is a maximum of 4,600 pounds.

How Many Bags of Mulch on a Pallet?

To calculate how many bags of mulch can fit on a standard pallet, you’ll need to consider both the total weight of the mulch and the height of the bags.

Let’s start with weight. If you know how much each bag of mulch weighs, you can simply multiply that by the number of bags you need to transport to get the total weight. Keep in mind that wood mulch may weigh only 20 pounds per bag while rubber mulch may weigh up to 90 pounds per bag.

The other issue is safety. Most suppliers won’t stack bags on a pallet to a height of more than 60 inches for safety. So, while in theory a wooden pallet could support 230 bags of wood mulch, the height of the bags would represent a safety hazard.

At the other end of the spectrum, a wooden pallet could safely hold only 51 bags of rubber mulch.

Three rows of pallets stacked high with bags of wood mulch outside a gardening center.
plastic bags with oak bark and wood chips for decorating paths and flower beds folded on pallets for transportation in the garden center

How Much Does Mulch Cost?

The average cost of mulch is generally calculated based on how many square yards it will cover and why the mulch is being used. In some cases, you may need only a few inches of coverage while in other situations, you might want up to a foot of mulch in an area.

One cubic yard of mulch will cover approximately 100 square feet at a depth of three inches and nearly 167 square feet at a depth of two inches. You can estimate your total mulch cost by taking the number of square feet you’re covering and multiplying it by the number of bags you’re buying.

In most cases, you should expect to pay between $20 and $90 per cubic foot of mulch, with compost mulch and rubber mulch living at the high end of the spectrum. 

Fill Your Pallet with Mulch

If you’re buying mulch for a DIY product, you’ll need to start by determining which type of mulch is best suited to your needs and how much square footage you want to cover. From there, you can determine how much to buy and how much it will cost to protect your garden, enrich your soil, or protect your joints!

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