How Many Boxes of Laminate Flooring Do I Need for My Project?

Gray-colored laminate flooring laying horizontally.

Laminate flooring is a popular choice for many who are looking to spruce up their homes. Oftentimes, it’s the cheaper option compared to wood flooring and even carpeting. Laminate can be water resistant, and more durable as it’s resistant to scratches and staining. Laminate flooring is a great option for your next project. But, calculating how many boxes you need could seem a bit daunting. Luckily, there’s a way to figure it out easily, so you get can started in no time.

How Many Boxes of Laminate Flooring Do I Need?

Every room size is different, and so are the options with laminate floorings. Everyone’s needs will be specific to what type of flooring is purchased and the size of the room. Following our steps outlined next will help you to determine how many boxes of laminate you’ll need for your next project. 

What Is Laminate Flooring? 

Laminate flooring is a synthetic material made to mimic the look of real wood. The inside of laminate flooring is usually made of fiberboard material. Laminate flooring costs less than real wood flooring, and it requires less skill and tools to do the application yourself.

Laminate Flooring Installation

Laminate flooring comes precut with tongue and groove-style application—so there’s no need for nails. Tongue and groove-style flooring is an installation system that has one long edge and one short edge that has a groove. When installing, the long edge—the tongue fits into the short edge—the groove. Tongue and groove flooring is installed like a puzzle making it one of the easiest do-it-yourself flooring options. 

Laminate Flooring Care 

Cleaning and caring for laminate flooring is fairly easy and requires less specific products like wood flooring does. There’s no need for special oils or annual coatings. Some laminate flooring brands even have an antimicrobial coating to protect against bacteria while not impacting the durability and integrity of the flooring. While laminate flooring will experience wear overtime, some laminate flooring can last close to 30 years if cared for properly. 

Dos and Don’ts for Caring for Laminate Flooring

Overall care and cleaning of laminate floors should be followed based on the instruction on the manufacturer’s packaging. Each flooring could be a little different, so be sure to check what’s best for your specific flooring:

Mop the floorLet stains sit on the floor
Use products labeled for laminate flooringUse too much water
Add furniture padsUse abrasive tools such as: scrub brushes or steel wool
Measuring laminate flooring with pencil and mallet.

Determining the Amount of Laminate Flooring Needed

To figure out how many boxes of laminate flooring you’ll need for your specific space, follow these steps below. Quick note: You’ll need a measuring tape to complete some of these steps. 

Step 1: Collect the Measurements 

Begin by measuring the length and the width of the room. Try taking a few measurements of the length and the width to ensure that it’s accurate. 

Step 2: Multiple the Measurements 

Once the length and the width have been measured, multiply the length by the width. This will give you the square footage of the room. You can use our area calculator to ensure that your math is correct, and if you are looking for the square meter of the room, you can simply change to the metric system. 

Step 3: Plan for Errors 

Consider adding between five and 10 percent to the total that you found in step two. This will account for any possible measurement errors, and it is best to have some extra pieces of laminate flooring just in case. You can use our percentage calculator to find your new total. 

Step 4: Select Your Laminate Flooring

Every type of flooring will be slightly different—from the style and coloring to the size of the actual planks will vary from brand to brand. Laminate flooring—sometimes called engineered wood flooring—can be found at any home improvement store in person or online. Once you decide on the flooring, check to see if there are enough boxes in stock to complete your project.   

Keep in mind that when searching for laminate flooring, the product will have information on it that will help you to determine how many boxes will be needed. Most laminate flooring boxes will have the individual piece’s length and width as well as the entire box’s total square footage. 

Step 5: Determine How Many Boxes

Once you’ve selected your laminate flooring, find where the dimensions are located on the product. Use the square foot number given and divide that into the number you got in step three. 

Step 6: Use Our Tile Calculator 

You can plug all of the information about the flooring’s size, along with the room’s area into our tile calculator to confirm your measurements. This tool also gives you an option to put in the price per box so you will know exactly what your project will cost you. 

Competing Your Laminate Flooring Project

Now, you are ready to calculate how much laminate flooring that you need for your next project. Using the online calculators and following the steps above will ensure that you have exactly what you need to lay the new laminate flooring. 

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