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How Much Sleep Do Kittens and Puppies Need?

Thinking about the possibility of adopting a kitten or puppy? Knowing what they need is vital for giving them a safe and healthy home. Just like human infants, puppies and kittens require a great deal of sleep in a 24 hour period.  Both puppies and kittens require more than 16 hours of sleep per day. […] Read More…

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cooking scale raw vs. cooked weight

What is Raw Weight Vs Cooked Weight?

Have you ever gone to a restaurant, looked over the menu and noticed items with their weight listed underneath? (Or, even as part of the dish name?) For instance, maybe you’ve seen a quarter-pound burger or a ten-ounce steak. Knowing this information can help you count calories or make sure your order will fill you […] Read More…

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How Much to Spend on Groceries?

Grocery shopping can be stressful for some, especially knowing how quickly the prices can add up and what to buy to give you the most bang for your buck. Being aware of what to spend on groceries and how to budget your food money can lead to major savings down the line and a decrease […] Read More…

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