What Weighs Five Pounds?

Scale weighing apples

Humans have been weighing objects for centuries. The earliest scales that have been found have dated back to 2000 BC. What humans were weighing centuries ago is not much different than what we weigh today: crops, animals, and golds and other metals are still commonly weighed.

But, whether you have a scale or not, knowing how much something weighs off-hand is a good life-skill to have. And, generally, starting with a small weight—for instance, thinking about things that weigh five pounds—can help you estimate the weights of various objects on the fly.

What Weighs Five Pounds? 

There are many different household items, foods, and pets that weigh five pounds, such as a ream of paper, two and a half pineapples, and a chihuahua. 

Seven Things That Weigh Five Pounds 

  1. A ream of paper
  2. A two-liter bottle of soda
  3. A bag of flour
  4. 10 rolls of quarters (that’s $100!)
  5. 160 Double Stuf Oreos 
  6. Two and a half 12-inch pizzas 
  7. About six pairs of jeans

How Much is Five Pounds?

Five pounds seems like an easy way to estimate how much something weighs and does not seem like that much weight. Five pounds, in other units of measurement, is equivalent to about: 2.3 kilograms, 80 ounces, or .4 stones. 

Depending on what we are talking about, five pounds could either be a lot in terms of quantity, such as five pounds of beads, which is a whopping 9,000 beads! Or, it could be a five pound dog, which is a relatively small dog.

But, what about more common items? What are items in our home, or things we come across every day that weigh five pounds? 

Household Items That Weigh Five Pounds

Looking around your house, you might wonder, “What weighs five pounds?” Besides the obvious—like the five pound package of ground beef in the freezer—let’s explore some everyday items that hit the five pound mark. 

Check your linen closet. Fve bath towels weigh about five pounds, as well as: 

  • A blow dryer
  • A double-size full sheet set
  • Two memory foam pillows
  • Four three-wick candles

In the kitchen, there are also several five-pound items, like:  

  • A 4-slice toaster
  • 2-3 dinner plates
  • A 12-cup coffee maker
  • About two sheet pans for baking
Bananas in the supermarket

Foods That Weigh Five Pounds

Walking into the kitchen or down the aisle at the grocery store, you’ll come across many items that hit the five pound mark, such as:

  • Two and a half pineapples
  • A half gallon of milk 
  • A gallon of ice cream
  • One-two bunches of bananas 

Of course, while you’re at the grocery store, you can weigh the produce to determine the price (but, the scanners at check-out lines usually do the trick if you’re not on too tight of a budget. However, many chefs—both at-home and professionals—will sometimes use kitchen scales to weigh their ingredients to ensure accurate results. And, if you don’t have one, then using those items above as a basis is a good way to estimate what you’re dealing with.

Animals That Weigh Five Pounds

Living in an apartment with a pet weight limit or want a pet that you can easily bring with you on an airplane? If you’re thinking about getting a pet but worried about the size, there are a few pet choices that could be good for you because they all weigh about five pounds.

Smaller cats and extra small dogs like the chihuahua or the Japanese chin stay around the five pound mark. But, if you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, you could look at getting a chicken, which is another animal that weighs about five pounds. 

If you’re looking to get more than one pet, you could also think about getting two or three box turtles. An adult Eastern Box Turtle weighs up to two pounds. But, be ready for the commitment; these animals can live up to 100 years.

What Weighs Ten Pounds ?

While five pounds may not seem like a lot, what if we double the amount? What are some things that weigh ten pounds? We could always just double the items above, but there are some singular objects that weigh ten pounds.

Items in your home that may hit the scale at ten pounds are:

  • A gallon of paint
  • A bag of potatoes
  • A common vacuum cleaner

If you’re thinking of getting a pet that’s a little over the five pound mark, English toy spaniels average about ten pounds and miniature pinschers. Most common house cats are weighing in around the ten pound mark as well.  

What Do I Own That Weighs Five Pounds?

Now that you know some objects that weigh five pounds, you can use this as an estimate to understand the weight of other objects around you—especially if you don’t have a scale. And, if you’re wanting to lift weights for exercise but don’t have weights nearby, you can grab some items around your house from this list as a substitute (though, pets are not recommended).

How many five pound objects would equal the same weight as you? Try using the healthy weight calculator to see.

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