What are Animals That Weigh 400 Pounds?

Reindeer in the forest

There are many different ways that we can categorize animals, with one category being weight. Have you ever wondered which animals tip the scale at 400 pounds? Let’s explore this category of sizable creatures and how they compare to the average human weight.

Which Animal Weighs 400 Pounds?

There are many animals that could tip the scale at 400 pounds, such as: reindeer, wild boars, and some species of dolphins.   

List of Animals That Weigh 400 Pounds

  1. Adult male reindeer
  2. Central and western European boars
  3. Dolphins
  4. Red deer

An adult male reindeer can weigh more than 500 pounds, so in any given population, there will be reindeer that hover around 400 pounds. While the female reindeer do not quite reach a weight this high, they can be nearly half the size of their male counterparts. Male reindeer can eat up to 18 pounds of vegetation a day.

Wild boars can also reach just over 400 pounds. While wild boars size can vary depending on where they are, the central and western European boars can weigh up to 440 pounds—the heaviest of the wild boar populations across the world. The wild boars in the United States are typically about 250 pounds, but some can get double that size! 

What Do 400 Pound Animals Eat?

While 400 pound animals’ diet’s can vary greatly, the Atlantic white-sided dolphin can tip the scales at about 500 pounds. The Atlantic white-sided dolphin is on the larger side than most dolphins. These dolphins eat primarily squid, herring, and hake or cod fish. They even hunt on the surface of the water and to bottom fish. A dolphin that weighs 400 pounds would consume about 40 pounds of food each day!

The red deer is another animal that comes in around 400 pounds. The red deer are found throughout the world but do vary slightly in size depending on where they are located. Deer can eat, on average, six to eight percent of their body weight in one day. For a 400 pound deer, that could be over 20 pounds of food in 24 hours.

What Are the Heaviest Animals on Earth?

The top ten heaviest living animals on Earth are all different species of whales. The largest of these whales is the blue whale weighing in at 200,000 to 300,000 pounds! These mammoth creatures can eat 32,000 pounds of food every day. That is about ten percent of their body weight every day! 

While the blue whale is the largest animal on earth, the largest land animal is the African bush elephant. This elephant can weigh up to 14,000 pounds. Elephants typically eat more than four percent of their body weight every day, which is over 300 pounds. 

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Pack of ostriches

What Are Some Shockingly Heavy Animals?

When we look into our backyards we can see many different birds, the average weight of one bird is about 54 grams. That is a stark difference to that of the world’s heaviest bird: the ostrich. Male ostriches can reach up to 280 pounds and stand nine feet tall. With all that weight, it’s no wonder they are a flightless bird! 

Thinking of the world’s largest bird is shocking when we know the average size of backyard birds, but what about our household pets? The English mastiff is the world’s heaviest dog. A male English mastiff can weigh up to 250 pounds; that’s a lot of kibble!

There is a big comparison between the heaviest domesticated dog and the heaviest domesticated cat. The Maine Coon cat averages about 18 pounds for a male and 12 pounds for a female, which is close to double the weight of the average domesticated cat. 

How Do Humans Compare to These Heavy Weights?

The average human weight can depend on a lot of different factors, but if we take the global average of adult humans, it’s about 136 pounds. That is less than most of the animals tipping the scales in the world. And, when you compare it to the blue whale—which we now know is the heaviest animal on the planet at 200,000 to 300,000 pounds—that’s more than 2,400 times heavier than that of the average human. 

While the average human in the world falls short compared to the heaviest animals, the world’s largest human weighed in at 1,400 pounds. That is the equivalent of more than ten typical-sized humans. 

Where Do Humans Weigh In?

The weight of humans varies greatly depending on many factors, like location, height, and access to food. But if we’re looking at the average male and female weight in the United States, we can see where humans fall in comparison. North America has the highest weights in the world. The average weight of a male in the United States is 199 pounds while the average weight of a female is 170 pounds.

And, similar to their heavyweight animal counterparts, Americans eat about four to five pounds of food a day. That is about two percent of their body weight, which is a large difference when we see other mammals consuming double that percentage.

What about your body fat percentage? Just like humans, animals of all species can have weights that can vary depending on so many factors.

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