Why Take a Teenager IQ Test?

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IQ tests have long been used as a measure of intelligence and scholastic aptitude. A higher score may indicate that a person has the potential to excel in school and in life. But is an IQ test really the best measure of a person’s ability?

People with kids may wonder whether an IQ test for teens is a good idea. Before any teenager takes a free IQ test with instant results, let’s examine the reasons to take (or not take) a teenager IQ test.

Should Teenagers Take an IQ Test?

While IQ tests aren’t the only way to measure a teenager’s intelligence or ability, taking an IQ test for teens can be useful for determining which teens need help in school as well as for diagnosing learning disabilities or challenging kids who can handle more difficult work.

What is the History of IQ Testing?

Before we get into where to find an IQ test for 13 year olds or older teens, let’s review the history of the IQ test. In the late 1800s, Sir Francis Galton—the creator of differential psychology—hypothesized that intelligence was hereditary. His studies didn’t always support his findings—which included a belief that the size of a person’s head could predict their intelligence—but his theory laid the groundwork for what would come.

The first IQ test was developed by a French psychiatrist named Alfred Binet, who was tasked by the French government in 1904 with creating a test that would determine which students might need help in school. He and his colleague Theodore Simon developed a test with 30 questions that measured students’ attention, problem-solving skills, and memory

Is There More Than One Type of IQ Test for Teens?

IQ tests for teenagers and adults have evolved over the years. From the original Binet-Simon intelligence scale, the tests have been refined. Here are a few iterations of the IQ test that illustrate the way IQ testing has changed.

Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale

Developed by Lewis Terman at Stanford, the Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale used parallel rating scales that combine the test-taker’s mental age and chronological age to arrive at an Intelligence Quotient.

US Army Alpha and Beta Tests

During World War I, the US Army developed two tests to measure recruits’ intelligence. The Alpha Test was a written exam while the Beta Test used pictures and was administered to soldiers who couldn’t read and write, as well as those who didn’t speak English.

Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale

The Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS) is the modern standard for IQ tests. While there was a separate scale developed for children, the standard test is used for teenagers. The average IQ is fixed at 100 and the test measures verbal comprehension, perceptual reasoning, processing speed, and working memory.

Two-thirds of all test-takers get scores between 85 and 115, putting them in the normal range. It can be useful to measure the IQ percentile to determine whether a teen might need help in school.

Why Would a Teen (or Pre-Teen) Want to Take an IQ Test?

A teen or pre-teen may want to take an IQ test for a variety of reasons. They may be seeking validation or simply want a tool to figure out where they need additional help in school. They may even use the results to determine which college and career path is best suited to their abilities.

It’s important to note that an IQ test score, while useful, does not (and cannot) provide a definitive ruling on a test-taker’s ability. There are tests online that measure various types of intelligence, including the following.

  • Emotional intelligence
  • Spatial intelligence
  • Logical-mathematical intelligence
  • Musical intelligence

Before taking any IQ test, teens should know that an IQ score doesn’t define them. Parents should be aware that a lower-than-expected score can impact a teen’s confidence and self-esteem and proceed with caution.

Where to Find a Teenager IQ Test Online

There are several places to take a teenager IQ test online. While some tests may be advertised as an IQ test for 15 year olds (or whatever age) the truth is that most of the IQ tests you can find online can be used for people of any age. The test taker’s age is used as a factor in determining their score.

Some options for where to find a teenager IQ test are:

Teenagers and their parents should look for a test that incorporates the test-taker’s age for the most accurate results.

Should Teenagers Take an IQ Test?

Teenagers who want a way to measure their intelligence and potentially identify areas where they might need tutoring or extra help can take a free IQ test online. We suggest looking for a test that takes age into account and bearing in mind that the score isn’t the only way to determine someone’s ability.

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