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Cooking recipe ingredients

Mathematics in the Kitchen

Mathematics is not only useful for solving problems and equations, but also for everyday activities such as cooking and baking. In this article, we will explore some of the ways that mathematics can help us in the kitchen, especially with the various unit conversions, measurements, and calculations one encounters daily whether cooking at home or… Read More »

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RMR, BMR, Energy Needs

RMR vs BMR for Weight Loss

RMR and BMR, the former abbreviated from Resting Metabolic Rate and the latter from Basal Metabolic Rate, can often be encountered in discussions related to daily caloric requirements, dieting, caloric restrictions and weight loss. Fitness amateurs and professional athletes and their physicians might also use RMR, BMR, or both for weight management. This article will… Read More »

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Delicious sandwich with measurement tape.

TDEE vs BMR in Daily Calorie Needs Calculation

If you set out to lose weight or maintain a target weight as an athlete or fitness or bodybuilding enthusiast, your coach or physician will often tell you that you need to estimate your BMR and TDEE and to set daily calorie intake limits based on the energy requirements calculated from these measures. Hence, it… Read More »

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Investment returns profitability

CAGR vs IRR vs XIRR in Evaluation of Investment Returns

Investment professionals and individual investors often need to estimate the profitability of a given investment opportunity, or to retrospectively assess the results of past endeavors. Typically this is done with the idea of comparing two or more opportunities and deciding which one to choose. All other things being equal, the return of investment is the… Read More »

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Arithmetics mathematical distributions mathematics

When to Use Mean, Median, or Mode

The mean*, mode and median are the most well-known and widely used arithmetic averages. But what exactly are each used for? While all of them are measures of central tendency in a distribution of values - obtained from different kinds of measurements or observations - the question of when to use mean, median or mode… Read More »

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P-value and significance level explained

The p value – definition and interpretation of p-values in statistics

This article examines the most common statistic reported in scientific papers and used in applied statistical analyses - the p-value. The article goes through the definition illustrated with examples, discusses its utility, interpretation, and common misinterpretations of observed statistical significance and significance levels. It is structured as follows: p-value definition and meaningWhat does 'p' in… Read More »

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BMI for women

BMI for Women: Does a BMI Calculator for Women Make Sense?

There are multiple BMI calculators out there, including our own online Body Mass Index calculator. Some of them make a distinction between the sexes and produce different results for men and women. Others don't make such a distinction, including those put forth by the most respected health organizations such as the U.S. CDC, NIH, and… Read More »

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Boxer Throwing a Heavy Punch

How to Punch Harder – Increase Your Punching Power Using Physics

If you are into fighting sports such as boxing, kickboxing, MMA, sanda or even a traditional martial art, you probably want to increase the punching power of your fists. When discussing how to punch harder one can hear contradictory advice for example "speed equals power" and "power is not speed". It seems much of the… Read More »

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CAGR Investments Finance

Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) – What You Need to Know

In this article we will talk about CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) in detail, including the formula for computing it, how to calculate it in Excel, how to interpret it, its utility in assessing financial assets, making predictions, and more: What does CAGR stand for?What is Compound Annual Growth Rate?CAGR calculation formulaCAGR calculation in ExcelHow… Read More »

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Six Sigma Process Quality Control

What is Six Sigma Process Control and Why Most Get It Wrong (1.5 Sigma Shift)

What is Six Sigma? Six Sigma, commonly written as 6σ, is a set of techniques for process improvement originally developed for industrial manufacturing by engineer Bill Smith at Motorola in the 1980-s. A central part of the six sigma tools are procedures for statistical process control: ensuring production meets particular quality standards which result in… Read More »

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