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Getting Paid 45 an Hour is How Much a Year?

Being a gig worker — whether that means freelancing or consulting — used to be a rarity. In today’s economy, however, many people are choosing the freedom and convenience of freelancing because they prefer the perks of it to working in a traditional job. One of the biggest and most important questions to ask before […] Read More…

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Man in leather jacket playing pool.

How Much Space Do You Need for a Pool Table?

Having a pool table in a home offers hours of entertainment and fun, but it’s essential to make sure there’s enough space for the table (and its use) before you invest in one. But how much space do you need for a pool table? It may surprise you to learn that a pool table might […] Read More…

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Drones With the Longest Flight Time

Drones are popular with people who enjoy technology as well as with those who want the option to engage in aerial photography. With a drone, it’s possible to take pictures from locations that wouldn’t be accessible in any other way. But, it’s essential to be sure that the operator knows how long the drone will […] Read More…

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What is the Fastest BMW Model?: And Other Fast Car Facts

For a lot of car enthusiasts, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of driving fast. It brings with it a feeling of freedom and happiness. It’s for that reason that these drivers seek out the fastest cars and want to know which is the fastest BMW model, or the fastest Mercedes Benz…and so on. Fast […] Read More…

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A couple on a date in a coffee-house

How to Calculate the Tip When You Go Dutch on a Date

For many people, a date brings on plenty of nerves to begin with. And, this is before considering the possible awkwardness of how to handle the bill once the meal is finished. As part of this, understanding when and how to calculate a tip – especially, if you’re going dutch (which means to split the […] Read More…

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