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Use this calculator to easily convert a decimal notation number to a percentage. Express a given decimal as a percent value.

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    How to convert decimal numbers to percentages?

A percent was historically called "per cent", which is an abbreviated version of the Latin phrase "per centum" which literally means "per one hundred". Hence to calculate a percentage from a decimal number all that is needed is to multiply the number by one hundred and to append a percent sign (%). As this operation is simply to shift the decimal point (or comma) two positions to the right, it can be done simply for pretty much any number.

    Practical Examples

Take for example a loan interest rate of 0.05. To convert it to a percent, simply multiply by 100 and append (%): 0.05 x 100 = 5%. As described above, the operation can be performed by simply moving the decimal point two positions to the right. In this case this leaves no significant figures to the right of the decimal point so it can simply be skipped without loss of information.

In a different scenario, consider a growth rate of 1.5. It can be the growth of an asset or the spread rate of a virus. Regardless, to convert it to a percent value simply multiply by one hundred to get the result: 150%.

    Decimal to percent conversion table

decimal to percent calculation table
Decimal Percent (%)
0.01 1 %
0.02 2 %
0.03 3 %
0.04 4 %
0.05 5 %
0.06 6 %
0.07 7 %
0.08 8 %
0.09 9 %
0.10 10 %
0.20 20 %
0.30 30 %
0.40 40 %
0.50 50 %
0.60 60 %
0.70 70 %
0.80 80 %
0.90 90 %
1.00 100 %

The above table can be used by selecting the decimal from the left column and finding the corresponding percentage from the right column on the same row. For example, to see how much is 0.5 as percent, look up 0.5 in the "Decimal" column and examine the corresponding percentage value on the same row (50% in this particular case).

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