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Use this calculator to easily convert a fraction to a decimal notation number. Express any fraction as a decimal.

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    How to convert a fraction to a decimal number?

Calculating a decimal number from a fraction is really simple. Just divide the numerator by the denominator and the resulting real number is your decimal equivalent to the initial fraction. While simple insofar as it is just a basic division, it can be complex to perform in practice depending on the numbers involved. This is why using an online calculator like ours might be a real time-saver when doing your homework, or performing fraction to decimal conversions for other purposes.

    Practical Examples

Starting with a sample example, take the fraction 8/20. By performing the division of 8 by 20 we get the decimal equivalent of 0.4 (8 / 20 = 4 / 10 = 0.4). In this case the calculation is straightforward as 20 can be divided by two to get a fraction with a denominator of a multiple of 10 and the numerator is also divisible by two (8/2 = 4).

If the denominator is not a power of ten, it needs to be multiplied or divided by a number such that it becomes a power of ten. In the first example we could divide both by two to get the end result. However, what about the fraction 1/50? The numerator is not divisible and the denominator is not a power of ten. In such a scenario 50 needs to be multiplied by 2 to get the nearest power of 10: 100, which is 102. Thus, we need to multiply both the numerator and the denominator by 2, resulting in 2/100. A division by 100 is simply to shift the decimal point two positions to the left, meaning the calculation result is 0.02.

    Fraction to decimal conversion table

This table can be used as a reference for fractions commonly encountered in simple school or college math or geometry tasks.

fraction to decimal calculation table
Fraction Decimal
1/100 0.01
1/50 0.02
3/100 0.03
1/25 0.04
1/20 0.05
3/50 0.06
7/100 0.07
2/25 0.08
9/100 0.09
1/10 0.10
1/5 0.20
1/4 0.25
3/10 0.30
2/5 0.40
1/2 0.50
3/5 0.60
7/10 0.70
3/4 0.75
4/5 0.80
9/10 0.90
1/1 1.00

The above table can be used by selecting the fractional number from the left column and finding the corresponding decimal from the right column on the same row. For example, the fraction 1/5 is 0.20 as a decimal number.

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