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Use this calculator to easily convert a percentage to a decimal notation real number.

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How to convert a percentage to a decimal number?

Calculating a decimal number from a percentage is very easy. All that is needed is to divide the number before the percent sign by 100. Since a percentage is just a decimal represented as 'per cent', that is, per one hundred, this is the entire calculation. Basic level algebra is all that is required and since it is literally just shifting the decimal point two positions to the left it can be done by hand for most if not all practical scenarios.

Practical Examples

Take for example a sales commission of 20%. If we are to calculate it as a decimal number, all that is needed is a division by 100: 20 / 100 = 0.2. That is all - 0.2 is the rational number equivalent to 20 percent.

For another example, say a real estate investment resulted in a return of 120%. How to express that percentage as a decimal? Again, all that is needed is to take the percent number and divide it by one hundred: 120/100 = 1.2 which is also the end result of the calculation.

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