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Use this calculator to easily convert a decimal to a fraction. Express a given decimal as a fraction.

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    How to convert decimal numbers to fractions?

Calculating a fraction from a decimal is a straightforward process. Simply take the number and multiply it by 10 to the power of as many times as needed to leave no significant figures behind the decimal point (N). Then write that number down as the fractions's numerator. As the denominator write down 10 to the power of N, where N is the number of significant digits after the decimal point. Hence the end result is the original number multipled by 10N over 10N. This fraction can then be simplified, expressed as a mixed fraction, and so on as explained in the examples below.

    Practical Examples

If the decimal value is 0.2, the corresponding fraction can be calculated by using this algorithm. First, express it as a fraction with base 10 times the number of significant figures to the right of the decimal point (or comma). In this case the number is 1, so it is simply 2 divided by 10, or 2/10 as a fraction. This is already a good solution, but if a simplified fraction is needed, the greatest common divisor needs to be identified and then both sides need to be divided by it. In this case this is 2, so the simpified fraction is 1/5.

If the decimal value is greater than one or smaller than minus one, the fraction may need to be further processed to arrive at a mixed fraction with a whole and a fraction part. If the decimal is 1.2, the resulting fraction is 12/10, or 6/5. The whole part can be extracted (1), and so the calculation result becomes 1 and 1/5, or 1 1/5.

    Decimal to fraction conversion table

A reference for some common values that one may encounter often in converting a decimal to a fraction.

decimal to fraction calculation table
Decimal Fraction
0.01 1/100
0.02 1/50
0.03 3/100
0.04 1/25
0.05 1/20
0.06 3/50
0.07 7/100
0.08 2/25
0.09 9/100
0.10 1/10
0.20 1/5
0.25 1/4
0.30 3/10
0.40 2/5
0.50 1/2
0.60 3/5
0.70 7/10
0.75 3/4
0.80 4/5
0.90 9/10
1.00 1/1

The above table can be used by selecting the decimal number from the left column and finding the corresponding fraction from the right column on the same row. For example, to see what is 0.5 as a fraction, look at the row at which the decimal value is 0.5 and check the "Fraction" column to its right for the value (1/2 in this case).

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