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What is the Impact Force on Different Objects?

All around us, different invisible forces are coming together to control our natural environment. For example, gravitational force is the attraction between objects with mass, and it’s what keeps us on the ground instead of floating out to space. Then, there’s electromagnetism, which is when an electric current produces a magnetic field, and it’s what […] Read More…

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5 Things to Consider Before Starting a Business

Are you dreaming of starting your own business? Whether you have visions of a brick and mortar store or a company that operates entirely online, it’s important to take time beforehand to plan and crunch some numbers. That way you won’t get caught off guard—or be financially and mentally drained—by the unavoidable start-up costs. To […] Read More…

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Six Sigma Process Quality Control

What is Six Sigma Process Control and Why Most Get It Wrong (1.5 Sigma Shift)

What is Six Sigma? Six Sigma, commonly written as 6σ, is a set of techniques for process improvement originally developed for industrial manufacturing by engineer Bill Smith at Motorola in the 1980-s. A central part of the six sigma tools are procedures for statistical process control: ensuring production meets particular quality standards which result in […] Read More…

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How Many Calories Do I Need to Burn in a Day to Reach My Weight Goal?

If you’re on a journey to get slimmer or to bulk up, you may already have a specific goal weight in mind. This could be the amount you need to be to fit into your favorite outfit, maybe it’s the size you want to be for a special event coming up, or perhaps it’s the […] Read More…

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What is the Difference Between Lean Body Mass and Body Fat?

When it comes to figuring out your unique body composition, there are so many terms and measurements out there that it can be easy to mix them all up. Lean body mass, fat-free mass, body fat, and body mass index are just some of the ways to understand and measure your body, yet they are […] Read More…

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5 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism Even When You’re Resting

Many people think of metabolism in terms of how their body breaks down food or how their body uses energy when they’re doing physical activities. While both of those are true, your metabolism is still working even when you’re not “doing anything” so that your body can continue to function. By looking at your basal […] Read More…

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Team sitting around a table looking at investments

Are You Making a Good Investment?

Investment opportunities are everywhere these days, but if you’re going to shell out some of your hard-earned money, you want to make sure that it’ll pay out in the end. When you’re deciding how to invest and what to invest in—whether it’s a start-up business, cryptocurrency, or something else—ask yourself the following questions and use […] Read More…

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Can You Make the Switch to Working Freelance Full-Time?

Making the switch to the gig economy comes with a range of tempting benefits. Instead of heading into an office at a specific time each day for a certain amount of hours, you get the freedom to work where, when, and how often you want. Rather than reporting to a manager, you get to be […] Read More…

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5 Steps to Determining if a Discount is Worth It

When you’re out shopping or even shopping online, it’s hard to ignore those big, glaring words “SALE!” or “X% off!” There’s something so irresistible about a deal, whether or not that item being discounted is something we actually want or need. Think about it: How many times have you picked something up solely because it […] Read More…

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Roman numerals on a clock

6 Scenarios in Which You Should Know Roman Numerals

Have you ever been left scratching your head after seeing a string of Roman numerals? Maybe you have a vague memory of a certain “letter” translating to a certain digit, but it’s all buried in the back of your brain with the rest of your less-used elementary school knowledge (like how to write in cursive, […] Read More…

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