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Use this converter to easily convert between Centimeters and Decimeters (cm to dm).

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  2. Difference between Centimeters and Decimeters
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    How many Centimeters equal one Decimeter?

The centimeter and the decimeter are metric units that measure length. The abbreviation of centimeter is cm, and that of decimeter – dm. The metric system being based on multiples of 10, makes it truly easy to remember the connection between the different units. In this case a centimeter is 1 x 10-1 dm, or put simply – 1 decimeter is equal to 10 cm, so there are 10 cm in one decimeter.

    Difference between Centimeters and Decimeters

Both of these units are derived from the basic measurement unit of the metric system as established by the SI – the meter. It is defined as being equivalent to the length of the path that light travels is 1/299,792,458 seconds in vacuum.

The centimeter is 0.01 of the magnitude of a meter. It is a commonly used unit that allows people to perform tasks with precision, yet not making the whole ordeal way too complicated or difficult. Some of the applications one may find of a cm include measuring rainfall levels and taking measures for clothes.

The decimeter, on the other hand, is not too popular as a term. It is 1/10 of a meter, or 10 times the magnitude of a cm. The wavelength of the lowest UHF radio frequency, that is 300 GHz, is equal to 10 dm, and that of the highest frequency – 3 GHz, is only 1 dm. The most popular unit of volume – the liter – is equivalent to one cubic dm.

    How to convert Centimeters to Decimeters

In order to convert centimeters to decimeters you need to use the formula:

cm / 10 = dm,

or just shift the decimal point in the cm one position to the left.

Cm to dm conversion example

Sample task: convert 50 cm to decimeters. Solution:

cm / 10 = dm
50 cm / 10 = 5 dm
End result:
50 cm is equal to 5 dm

    cm to dm conversion table

cm to dm conversion table
cm dm
1 cm 0.10 dm
2 cm 0.20 dm
3 cm 0.30 dm
4 cm 0.40 dm
5 cm 0.50 dm
6 cm 0.60 dm
7 cm 0.70 dm
8 cm 0.80 dm
9 cm 0.90 dm
10 cm 1 dm
20 cm 2 dm
30 cm 3 dm
40 cm 4 dm
50 cm 5 dm
60 cm 6 dm
70 cm 7 dm
80 cm 8 dm
90 cm 9 dm
100 cm 10 dm
200 cm 20 dm
300 cm 30 dm
400 cm 40 dm
500 cm 50 dm
600 cm 60 dm
700 cm 70 dm
800 cm 80 dm
900 cm 90 dm
1,000 cm 100 dm


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