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  1. How many Centimeters equal one Foot?
  2. Difference between Centimeters and Feet
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    How many Centimeters equal one Foot?

A foot is defined as 0.3048 of a meter, so 30.48 centimeters equal one feet, since 1 cm = 0.01 meters. The symbol for centimeters is "cm", while "ft" is used for feet. Sometimes a single quote does the same job, e.g. 6' tall means 6 feet tall.

    Difference between Centimeters and Feet

Both feet and centimeters are units for measuring length or dimensions of an object. Their magnitude is somewhat different, but there is significant overlap in their application, for example measuring human height, or waist circumference. Both units are used in construction, architecture, landscaping, and so on. However, feet are also used to measure small distances, while centimeters are usually used only for very small distances of up to a couple of meters.

The origin of using the unit of foot is unclear as it goes very far back, likely before writing was invented. It was a part of many local systems of units, including the Greek, Roman, Chinese, French, and English systems of measurement. The length of a foot varied from location to location and sometimes depended on which trade it was applied to, but the length was typically between 250 mm and 335 mm. In medieval Europe the foot was taken as the average of length of the feet of randomly sampled men from a local community. Since 1959 the foot is defined using the metric system. Currently the US is the only country which prefers using the foot in preference to the meter in commerce, engineering and standardization of all kinds.

The centimeter is part of the metric system, adopted in most countries nowadays. The base unit is the meter, which is defined by the distance light travels in vacuum in a fraction of a second. A centimeter is defined as 1/100 of a meter, so 1cm = 0.01m.

    How to convert Centimeters to Feet

Conversion from feet to centimeters requires you to divide the measurement in feet to 30.48. Getting the centimeter equivalent of a foot measurement is much easier using our free online cm to ft converter above.

Cm to feet conversion example

Sample task: convert 185 cm to feet. Solution:

cm / 30.48 = ft
185 cm / 30.48 = 6.069554 ft
End result:
185 cm is equal to 6.069554 ft

    cm to ft conversion table

cm to ft conversion table
cm ft
1 cm 0.032808 ft
2 cm 0.065617 ft
3 cm 0.098425 ft
4 cm 0.131234 ft
5 cm 0.164042 ft
6 cm 0.196850 ft
7 cm 0.229659 ft
8 cm 0.262467 ft
9 cm 0.295276 ft
10 cm 0.328084 ft
20 cm 0.656168 ft
30 cm 0.984252 ft
40 cm 1.312336 ft
50 cm 1.640420 ft
60 cm 1.968504 ft
70 cm 2.296588 ft
80 cm 2.624672 ft
90 cm 2.952756 ft
100 cm 3.280840 ft
200 cm 6.561680 ft
300 cm 9.842520 ft
400 cm 13.123360 ft
500 cm 16.404199 ft
600 cm 19.685039 ft
700 cm 22.965879 ft
800 cm 26.246719 ft
900 cm 29.527559 ft
1,000 cm 32.808399 ft


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