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Use this converter to easily convert between Centimeters and Yards (cm to yd).

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  1. How many Centimeters equal one Yard?
  2. Difference between Centimeters and Yards
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    How many Centimeters equal one Yard?

The centimeter is defined as 1/100 of a meter while according to a 1959 international agreement the yard is defined as 0.9144 meters. Thus, there are exactly 91.44 centimeters in a yard. The symbol for centimeter is "cm", while for yard we use "yd".

    Difference between Centimeters and Yards

Both centimeters and yards are used to measure distances between two points, but otherwise they are quite different.

The centimeter is a relatively new unit, part of the metric system in which every unit is defined relative to the base unit - the meter. So 1 cm equals 1/100 meter. The meter in itself is defined as the distance light travels in vacuum in a very small amount of time. Due to its small magnitude, centimeters are used in construction, internal decoration, engineering, and a lot of everyday uses. There are only a couple of countries which do not use the centimeter as a primary unit, the USA, UK, Canada, and Japan among them.

The yard is an old unit, though its origin is unknown, derivative of an even older unit - the foot. A yard is usually defined as containing 3 feet. Previously its definition varied, but is now fixed relative to that of the meter, the same way the centimeter is. It is mostly used to measure medium distances, like the length of football or baseball field, cricket fields, etc. Landscaping projects such as topsoil or mulch calculation often use measurements in yards.

    How to convert Centimeters to Yards

Converting from centimeters to yards is quick and easy using this online cm to yd converter. To do the calculation manually, you need to divide the measurement in cm by 91.44 to get the equivalent measurement in yards. See below for an example calculation.

Cm to yards conversion example

Sample task: convert 50 cm to yards. Solution:

cm / 0.009144 = yd
50 cm / 0.0091 = 5,468.066492 yd
End result:
50 cm is equal to 5,468.066492 yd

    cm to yd conversion table

cm to yd conversion table
cm yd
1 cm 109.361330 yd
2 cm 218.722660 yd
3 cm 328.083990 yd
4 cm 437.445319 yd
5 cm 546.806649 yd
6 cm 656.167979 yd
7 cm 765.529309 yd
8 cm 874.890639 yd
9 cm 984.251969 yd
10 cm 1,093.613298 yd
20 cm 2,187.226597 yd
30 cm 3,280.839895 yd
40 cm 4,374.453193 yd
50 cm 5,468.066492 yd
60 cm 6,561.679790 yd
70 cm 7,655.293088 yd
80 cm 8,748.906387 yd
90 cm 9,842.519685 yd
100 cm 10,936.132983 yd
200 cm 21,872.265967 yd
300 cm 32,808.398950 yd
400 cm 43,744.531934 yd
500 cm 54,680.664917 yd
600 cm 65,616.797900 yd
700 cm 76,552.930884 yd
800 cm 87,489.063867 yd
900 cm 98,425.196850 yd
1,000 cm 109,361.329834 yd


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